I know another offseason post

I haven't followed the team that terribly closely before this last summer, when I got addicted to this site at a monotonous job, so this post may have some glaring flaws about the timberwolves that I understand. It also may be too optimistic, because everyone I talk to seems to think that the wolves will be terrible forever. But I think we have a few nice peices in place to be competitive and with a good offseason could put the rest of the pieces together to be very competitive in a few years. If I was the gm- my offseason plans would be below the fold.

1. Win the lottery.

               This may not be that realistic but hey, this is a hypothetical so why not.

2. Draft Kyrie Irving


3. Trade rubio, and any combination of the rest of our picks to get back into the top 5 of the draft.

4. Draft Harrison Barnes

                 People think he won't be that great, supposedly, but pre-season he was the number 1 pick, and I have a feeling he still would be if not for his early season slump, and if that is the case... then who cares. Also, he has shown a lot of end of game ability (which I realize many people don't believe in), which is something this team has desperately needed.

5. Fire Kurt Rambis

                 Pick someone else... I don't really care who.

6. Commit a staff member to working out with Randolph all summer. Have him do only 2 things. 1. Lift weights 2. Work on defense. Don't even let him touch a ball the whole summer.

7. If you can, and papa glen is willing to put up some money, find a decent 2 with handles in free agency.


All of this would leave you with a lineup that I think would win 30 next year, and possibly be a contender down the road.


Barnes (or free agent)/Wayne/etc.

Wes (or if a free agent is found, Barnes)/Beasley




This is a lineup I could get behind. If anyone has different ideas, let me know.

P.S. For the love of god, tell darko he is a defense only center.

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