Love Dont Cost a Thing...Er...

It has been leaked that Glen Taylor is poised to offer All Star Kevin Love a reported 6 year, $70 million contract this off season.

Now, as we all know Love is averaging 20.9 points and 15.5 rebounds and has an unheard of 48 straight double-doubles. He also has the 2nd most 30-20 games in one season (4) in the last 25 years. Number wise, it would seem to be a no-brainer to make every effort possible to hang on to what may be our only asset. Especially, considering some teams wait decades for a would-be superstar, and we were able to acquire Love after just 2 seasons without former T-Wolf and perennial All Star Kevin Garnett.

Personally, I believe that the Wolves stand a much better chance of holding onto Love, if we were to make it a 5 year deal, ah la LaMarcus Aldridge, but that's just my take. Kevin Love has said,

“We have to start winning, of course, and the contract has to be right, from there, things have to work out.”

This statement doesnt exactly breed confidence, and after a less than spectacular trade season, Im unconvinced that Love believes we are doing the things necessary to put a winning team around him. My guess is that Love didnt jump up and down, when he heard the news about Anthony Randolph. IMHO firing Kurt Rambis is at the top of that ever growing list. Bill Laimbeer would be a much better head coach, at least then we might see some defense.

Of course all of this is totally dependent upon a new CBA being reached, and it has been said that $70 million in the new agreement, may be equivalent to $100 million deal now. To put this deal in a little better perspective, compare this reported offer to other extensions signed within the past few years by some of the game’s other young big men:

Joakim Noah (5 years, $60 million)
Al Horford (5 years, $60 million)
LaMarcus Aldridge (5 years, $70 million)
Kendrick Perkins (4 years, $35 million)
Andrew Bogut (5 years, $60 million)


Now, conventional wisdom would say, that if you are Kevin Love, you take your chances with the new CBA, and get the heck out of town ASAP. In fact on today's program, PTI's Mike Wilbon, and Tony Kornheiser instructed Love to do exactly that.  And the chances that another team would be willing to make a similar offer, I believe are pretty good. And if I were Kevin, I would take a little less money to be able to play somewhere closer to the West Coast. (Closer to home)

With the uncertainty revolving around the new CBA, with talk about a lockout, who knows what will actually go down.

Let's just hope that K-Love, falls in Love with a nice Minnesota girl, that demands he sign that extension.

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