Peyton Manning sucks. Let’s trade him for a fifth round pick and that is if we can even get that for him.  That’s what you would hear on the blogging world after his rookie year of 28 interceptions.  Fast forward and change sports to Jonny Flynn.  Much like what a quarterback is to football, the point guard position is to basketball. Both are arguably the toughest positions to learn and it takes time to learn the system.  Obviously, Flynn hasn’t stepped in there like some of the other PG’s in his draft class and made a huge impact.  That doesn’t mean he won’t.  He has gone through a major injury and a major change in basketball philosophy.  He is a dynamic athlete with a scorer’s mentality and Rambis is asking him to distribute. The learning curve will take awhile, but he seems to have the attitude to not give up on it.

At first I was mad, angry, and upset that the Wolves didn’t make more moves at the trade deadline. I thought they should get a guy like O.J. Mayo or rent J.R. Smith for the rest of the season.  Now, I couldn’t be happier that we didn’t make a move. The pieces we have in place are the right pieces. Obviously, our talent has not translated to wins, but with development young players almost always get better.

Now on to Kobe Bryant’s comments from the Star Tribune. "It's a team that still has young pieces. You don't want to look back years from now and say, `Wow, they had Wesley Johnson, they had Kevin Love, they had Beasley, all on the same team.' Then you look up and they're playing for someone else. That's your crew and you got to keep it together and they've got to grow together."

It seems like the new trend in the NBA is to get three superstars almost started by the Wolves of (KG, Cassell, and Sprewell). Now by Heat, Celtics, and maybe the Kicks if CP3 does end up there. The Wolves are the youngest, but they are in the making. Maybe even reaching their prime by the time the Celtics are retired. Anyway



"Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane."

-Shawshank Redemption





Boston Celtics  vs. Minnesota Timberwolves 

Jonny Flynn vs. Rajon Rondo

 Remember when the only reason the Celtics weren’t going to win a championship was because they had Rondo at the point. He wasn’t anything special early in his career, but his game grew like crazy and now is one of the best players in the league.  Flynn and Rondo have some similarities. Both are young, athletic and quick. Rondo because of his length is a better defender


Kevin Love vs. Kevin Garnett

 Both fifth overall draft picks. Both double-double machines.  Love is the better rebounder. Garnett is better defender and adds a lot of other things to the team like intensity.

Wes Johnson vs. Ray Allen

Both are sharpshooters. Ray Allen is obviously much better shooter and more consistent. However, because of size and length Wes could be the better defender.

 Mike Beasley vs. Paul Pierce

Both are a little bigger small forwards who are talented. They are great athletes, but not freak athletes. Pierce is a gammer and winner. Beasley could be so dominate. Sometimes it seems like he talks way too much and isn’t as focused as he could be.

If they take a collectivist point of view for the whole team they could be amazing.  It will be tough to work out since they are so young. But if they all got on the same page and took the approach like the Celtics this team could be devastating.  For instance, the Celtics win in so many different ways. One day Ray Allen will go off for 30 and the next night he might have 6. They go to the hot hand and the match up problem.  If the Wolves buy into this way they could be great. Beasley might go off one night and not go off the other night. I think that is kind of what Ron Artest meant when he said Beasley could be so much better.  I think he meant is he is so good that he could dominate the game without scoring a lot of points just because he draws a lot of attention.


Anthony Randolph - Getting him reminded me a little bit of when the Viking drafted Percy Harvin. A ridiculously talented kid, that when we got all other teams feared that he might reach his potential and that a talented team just got a lot more talented. If we get out him what we should we should be a team to be reckoned with. His PER is off the charts and is extremely productive.  His blocking ability and competiveness if off the charts. I don’t think you call it potential because he is already very good, and he should just get better with age and the longer he is in Minnesota.

With have 3 top 10 rated players of 2008 according to ESPN Chad Ford.

Darko- Seems to be a black hole because he is so inconsistent. Sometimes he looks good, and others you see why he was a huge bust. However, defense, size and length he serves as a great back up.

Tolliver- His shot is so inconsistent but he makes up for that with his hustle that is 110 percent every night. Seems like a good locker room guy as well.

Pekovic- I like his offensive skill set. I think we would fit much better as a power forward because his defense and is not that athletic. However, his offensive skill set and position is impressive.

Lazar Haywood – I like him a lot. He seems to be solid. You know what you are getting from him night to night. Isn’t going to be a star, but also isn’t going to be a dud. Always seems to make the right plays.

Wayne Ellington- Improved a lot in the offseason. Might be hard to get minutes, but I like that he can stretch the defense. He has some playmaking ability now that he can dribble so much better.

Martell Webster - He could be a key role play if he gets healthy. Veteran. Good locker room guy.

Ricky Rubio- There is so many different opinions and views on this kid that he is going to just let his game do the talking. Or if we trade him, we should get great value out of him. He’s got a lot of hype which there is no such thing in bad publicity. He at least has people talking about Minnesota.

Top 5 Pick- Whoever we get in the draft figures to be a high pick.  He is going to be immensely talented with a lot of potential. However, that is with almost our whole roster.  I’m interested to see what we do. It seems like a pieces are in place, and I don’t see whoever the rookie is to step in and start over our other young guys. 

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