Bargain Bin Acquisitions

Hey all, I was just looking at some box scores last night and noticed a couple guys who seemed to be in the 'dog house' or at least not getting much burn on their teams. I just thought I would point them out as guys I'd like for us to take a look at and that Kahn, with his much talked about reputation as a deal-hunter, would actually consider. Or at least that Glen might sign off on (that seems like poor grammar... 'off on'...).

Here's a quick list that I put together. I'm sure I missed quite a few so feel free to add your own or challenge mine. Maybe I just saw the guy when he wasn't getting much time or maybe the team considers someone high potential for the future, but just not for the current win total. Keep in mind that I am suggesting we take a look at all of these in the summer. I am well aware that the deadline has passed.

Atlanta: Well starting off in alphabetical order kind of ruins the point here. But Atlanta does have some guys we should be considering. Not so much because of their minutes, but because of Atlanta's very high salary for the next few years tied up in very few players. I think the main targets would be Marvin Williams or Josh Smith. Teague or Jo. Crawford could hold some intrigue if we end up taking Williams' salary from them...

Boston: My favorite guy here, and one that I suggested a while back, is Avery Bradley. Seems like his skillset would be a nice fit for the Triangle and there doesn't seem to be much room for him in Boston for another year or two anyways. Maybe they'd like Tolliver back for Bradley and a low future pick? Our frontcourt seems to be running out of minutes for Tolliver and I'm sure a contender wouldn't hate his contribution.

Charlotte: Not much that interests me at all. They're a team built to win that can't win. The only guys I'd even consider they probably want to hold on to.

Chicago: Again, nothing that interests me that seems attainable. Moving on.

Cleveland: They don't even have enough healthy guys to field a professional lineup. Varejao is obviously the main target of interest here. Don't know what we'd have to give up for him to a team in their position though. Thoughts? Outside of Andy, the best we could do is pick up a couple guys with Triangle experience: Sessions and Hollins.

Dallas: What's even going on with this team? They're like the Miami Heat of yesteryear. Cuban isn't afraid to fork over some cash for some past-their-prime talent. Names like Kidd, Chandler, Peja, Butler, Cardinal (I shouldn't kid myself, he's in his prime...), Haywood, Marion, and even Terry and Dirk are getting up there despite their still-peak-performances. Cuban has to realize it's time to start over soon, but none of the guys who go there ever express interest in leaving. So I doubt we could get our hands on any aging vets from them and I'm sure Roddy is their future. Nothing else really of interest.

Denver: I like Denver's squad for us right now. Too many guys for too few roster spots. Someone has to get left out, right? To me, their biggest area of congestion comes in the frontcourt. They've got a bunch of guys who have earned time and not enough minutes to go around. I like Nene and Chris Anderson for what we need, but I'd even be interested in Mozgov as a project. I would even consider Kenyon Martin on the last year of his deal at the deadline if we could get a nice piece along with him for the hassle. Looking at their guards, I'd be willing to throw some cash at JR Smith this summer, though I know there will be a lot of disagreement on this point. I'd prefer Afflalo, but I assume Denver does as well. Then they've got to find minutes for Chandler and Gallinari. Somehow, they've got too many guys and not enough minutes (a situation we will soon find ourselves in, just with a step down in talent across the board). On that note, even Lawson and Felton may find it hard to split up 48 minutes per night. Denver is definitely high on my list of targets for taking guys off their hands they simply can't find the minutes for.

Detroit: Ehh... Kuester is probably headed our before anyone else. A couple guys who could be intriguing if we took on some salary with them. But probably not worth wasting time thinking about.

Golden State: Biedrins (costly) or B. Wright (injury-prone and unspectacular player)? Monta has been discussed ad naseum, though he doesn't seem to be in the dog house. Don't know what the asking price is.

Houston: Another team with not enough minutes to go around. My favorite target here would be J. Hill. A guy who seems to have the Dorell Wright effect going on. Produces when he gets time (and I'm going 100% off of his box scores), but rarely gets enough time to make a mark. He's clearly doing something wrong, but would probably be worth a look as an athletic big. Maybe they'll be sick of Thabeet by the end of the year? They have a logjam at the wing positions as well. I'd like to take a look at any of T. Williams, Budinger, Lee, or Martin.

Indiana: I hear they were willing to trade the great Josh McRoberts for the measley OJ Mayo?

LAC: One of their centers is on the way out. I'm on SnP's train for throwing money at DeAndre Jordan, but if the Clips match, I'd have to think Kaman might be available as a salary dump and maybe we could somehow get our pick back if we get some pics of Sterling? Otherwise I hear people have been disappointed with Blake Griffins' performance and he could be had for cheap?

LAL: Bynum.

Memphis: Mayo and Henry both seem to be held in low esteem in the organization. They barely signed Xavier and tried to trade Mayo. I'd also be going hard after Marc Gasol to give Rubio some hometown flavor. How much money can Memphis spend on Gay, Conley, and Gasol after all?

Miami: Chris Bosh. Wait, no, I'm serious. What do you guys think the Miami brass thinks of Bosh right now? I'd be interested to find out. He's clearly the weak link. I hear Dampier and Mike Miller even make jokes at his expense.

Milwaukee: CDR and L. Sanders? Milwaukee stocked up in a bad way last summer and might look to trade their young guys for vets. I wish Bogut was on the table, but that seems unlikely at best. Don't have much to offer them that they'd want.

NJ: They have a lot of guys now, nothing realistic that we'd be interested in, I think.

NOH: Ariza? I don't know what they think of him, but they're probably not getting the production they had hoped for the money.

New York: They're nothing without Chauncey. And we have very little they want and they have very little we realistically want.

OKC: They're holding on to a lot of bigs right now. Who is the odd man out? It's clearly not Perkins. I'd like to steal Cole Aldrich from them to see what he can bring to us. I wouldn't be willing to give up much for him, but definitely something.

Orlando: Earl Clark? Probably not worth it and I doubt we have anything that interests them. Bass and Redick (does Redick need an extension this year? If so, he's a target for FA) are intriguing.

Philadelphia: Loser of the death match between Iguodala and Turner? I also like Speights, but I think they'll hold on to him.

Phoenix: Nash seems unlikely, though apparently we're calling about him, so why not mention him and hope it works out? More realistically, I'm still interested in Childress as well as Lopez (now that they have Gortat and Frye) and/or Dudley. They've got Pietrus now and I don't see enough minutes for Childress, Pietrus, and Dudley. I'd take any of those three and be happy. And just because, I'd throw some money at Vince Carter for a few years to keep him from going to a contender for cheap. Then again, I would have done the same with TMac.

Portland: They have a logjam at the wing. I'd take just about any of them. I could even be convinced on Roy if the price is right. They've got Batum, Roy, Wallace, Fernandez, Matthews and even Babbitt all splitting time at the 2/3 right now and I don't see that working out long-term if Roy is healthy. I like them all. Let's get one. How about this one for shits and giggles: Love and Wes for Aldridge and Batum? I bet [most] fans of both teams riot.

Sacramento: Cousins! I kid. I've actually always been a fan of F. Garcia. Seems to be a productive player, but another guy who has just never gotten the consistent chance (one year with Sacramento he got just over 30mpg). Jason Thompson has also been thrown around for a Flynn straight up type of deal. I wouldn't hate that. D. Green was their 'untouchable' for a while. Maybe he still is. I never really understood why. But I'd be willing to take a cheap look at him if he's available.

San Antonio: I don't know. Doubt anyone is 100% available with an 80%+ record.

Toronto: As bad as they are, I don't know if anyone is actually available. J. Wright might be worth a look, but probably not.

Utah: AK expires, right? He'd be a guy I'd go after for sure. I would have thought he would stay in Utah, but now that Sloan and Williams are both gone, I'd say he's more likely to leave. But I could be very wrong on that. Maybe he hated both of them. Apparently Bell is on our radar...

And last but not least!

Washington: Well it just wouldn't be an Mplax post without a mention of Seraphin! And he fits the criteria. I doubt they want to move him, but he has gotten limited minutes (though it has been for Pek-like reasons). They obviously liked him enough to make a move specifically for him during the draft, so I doubt they give him up so soon. I wonder if they would trade Young? He's putting up some mean games, but he's also not that good and could be holding Wall back if he dominates the ball too much. I'm sure McGee is, more or less, untouchable. No one else that really interests me, though I'd also be willing to trade coaches.


A quick summary: Our main targets should definitely be Denver, Houston, Phoenix, and Portland. Memphis and the Clippers make my list of teams who get a mention because of a couple legit options. And then Varejao, Aldrich, Bynum, and Marvin Williams all get their own mention for teams who could be looking to offload those guys for cheap. 


Well that's what I came up with. Anyone on here that you really want Kahn to go after? Any realistic trade scenarios for them (this summer, remember contracts expire!)?

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