Ceilings, Basements, Dancing, and Darko

Lately I've been making some comments that I feel could gather together to make a decent, yet arguable, fanpost that relates to the draft, offseason, Kosta Koufus, and everything Timberwolves related.  Just remember, T'wolves' fans have the best sense of humor right?


  • Kemba


Bio: Elite college player who excels at getting to the bucket and drawing fouls. Big in clutch time and creating his own shot.

Ceiling: Smaller John Wall with a jumpshot

Basement: Undersized sized 1/2 with potential like Jerryd Bayless


  • Jimmer


Bio: Great 3 pt shooter who can score in bunches and easily create his own shot. Terrible on defense but great in transition.

Ceiling: Stephen Curry with more of a scorers mentality

Basement: Spot up jump shooter like Eddie House


  • Sullinger


Bio: Undersized power forward who really earns the power part of his position. He’s very strong but apparently returning to college.

Ceiling: Kevin Love with less outside game and more touch inside

Basement: A less athletic Glen Davis.


  • Perry Jones


Bio: 6’11 forward who is stuck playing Center in college. He is a athletic, good shooter who is suspended for receiving improper benefits.

Ceiling: Kevin Durant.  He's got the body, but the work ethic and drive?

Basement: Ndudi Ebi, a guy drafted for potential who doesn’t turn out well for either side


  • Harrison Barnes


Bio: 6’8 Guard/Forward who can create his own shot, rebound the ball, play defense, and seems a great fit for the Wolves offense.

Ceiling: A more athletic Paul Pierce

Basement: *cough Young Wes Johnson *cough


  • Derrick Williams


Bio: A lengthy forward who can play the 3/4 and is athletic with range out to the three point line.

Ceiling: Carmelo Anthony.....

Basement: A undersized 4 who couldn’t cut it at the three and lost his athleticism, Glen Davis.




Bio: A legit natural Point Guard with athleticism, defense, and a high IQ.

Ceiling: Chris Paul

Basement: Sebastian Telfair


  • Enes Kanter


Bio: A suspended lengthy Center with legit size and a polished inside game. Has he shown enough though?

Ceiling: Andrew Bogut

Basement: Darko :D or Cole Aldrich


  • Terrence Jones


Bio: A lengthy forward with size, handles, athleticism, and talent galore.

Ceiling: Brittney Griner, yes, that 6'8 college girl putting up.....18 points, 8 boards, and 6 blocks.  Okay, maybe 2.5 blocks.

Basement: Just another 6’8 forward without a position or size. Marvin Williams?


  • Alec Burks


Bio: Elite scorer, good rebounder, and great offensively with the ability to create his own shot. Small school talent.

Ceiling: Evan Turner in college, Joe Johnson? 20-5-5

Basement: Very low, a scorer who couldn’t make it and is gone from the NBA in a year.


For one, I don't know much to anything about the Euro talent in this draft, but we NEED to stay away from it.  Vessely is gonna be the best of the bunch, maybe a late flier, but that's even a reach.....


My take? The Wolves need to come away from this draft with the BPA.


My Mock Draft: 


  1. Irving
  2. P Jones
  3. D Williams
  4. H Barnes
  5. Sullinger*
  6. T Jones
  7. Kanter
  8. Kemba
  9. Jimmer
  10. Burks
  11. B Knight
Just for the fun of it:


The wolves need a 2 and a 5 the most. Enes Kanter and Harrison Barnes seem the most likely, but if Kyrie Irving, and to a lesser extend Perry Jones, we need to take those guys if they are still on the board. Kemba Burks or Jimmer are worth a reach if we end up with a 12-16 pick, or especially with the Grizzlies pick, doubt they’ll be on the board though.



Kosta Koufos vs. Fesenko - a Dance Off (via OfficialUtahJazz)





My dream offseason....



1. Pray for Rubio!

2. Trade Kevin Love and Jonny Flynn to the Thunder for Russell Westbrook and Cole Aldrich.

3. Pick in the top 2. Take Barnes or Irving (Westbrook could play on or off the ball) with second pick, target Burks or Fredette, Trade Darko for a 2nd round pick and take Parsons, Singler, Isaiah Thomas, or Ben Hansbrough (Save MONEY!)

4. Sign DeAndre Jordan….Fire Rambis, hire Shaka Smart

5. Win the championship

PG Westbrook, Rubio 
SG Barnes, Wes Johnson, (Burks or Fredette)
SF Beasley, Webster
PF Randolph, Tolliver, (Singler or Parsons)
C Jordan, Pek, Randolph

If you wanna get REAL crazy trade Beas for a top 5 pick and take Perry Jones or Derrick Williams




darko-rips-his-jersey (via theassociation)

OH classic Darko, where is this during the game?

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