Questions for Kahn

Paul Charchian is scheduled to interview Kahn on KFAN this afternoon.

He's asked me if I have any questions I'd like him to ask Kahn.  I'll post the ones I've already given him, but I'd like to hear anything you might have.

First up: when Kahn arrived here, he said Kevin Love was the 4th best player on a title contender (and that Al Jefferson could be a #2.)  He now has said that he "defies anyone to claim they saw this season coming from Kevin Love."  Advanced stats in Love's rookie year projected the potential for exactly that.  So, was Kahn's evaluation of Love faulty, and does he not understand advanced stats?

Right before the trade deadline, Kahn said the team was done re-building.  At the time, the team had 13 wins.  This infuriated some fans (me) so much that they cancelled their season tickets.

How can a 13 win team be done re-building?  Would he like to clarify that statement?


The Darko signing was controversial, and you can debate whether or not he was worth the money.

But, beyond that is how Rambis is using him.

He’s made him a focal point in the offense, running more offense through him than at any other point in his career.

The negative result of this has been a very high turnover percentage for Darko.

The Wolves lead the league in turnovers, and you could say it’s the #1 cause of their losses.

How do you justify such a high usage rate for Darko when it contributes to the team’s biggest problem?


Without going into names, if the best player available on the board at draft time is a point guard (i.e. Kyrie Irving), do you take him?


Teams in the NBA with personnel devoted to advanced stats have a very high correspondence to success.  Something like 16 teams have advanced stats personnel and 14 of them made the playoffs last year.

How much focus do the Wolves put on advanced stats?  And, why were they ignored in the selection of Jonny Flynn and Wes Johnson, when advanced stats indicated there were better choices, and those choices have ended up performing better?


That's all I have.  What about you?

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