The view of a koolaid drinker.


I don't think it is as bad as it looks.  First let me state my view of the team or perhaps even the obvious.

We are set at the 4.  Love obviously belongs (if he stays) and I think Randolf will be a solid fill-in and back up. Maybe they can play together if the lineup goes small at times.

I like Beasley at the three. Not his natural position, and he does not always play interested, but the guy did mature some this year and I think he will get a little better.  This is unless Wesley Johnson takes his spot, but Wes can be the backup until he shows he deserves the starting role.  This is not top caliber NBA, but better than just serviceable, at least in my view.

I have big problems with the one, two and five. 

Darko does not care enough to be a good NBA player.  He looks disinterested and lazy.  It is a shame because he has flashes.  He won't rebound, his offensive game is poor, and he holds the ball until he turns it over to a guard sneaking in to steal it about five times a game.  I have read people bashing Pek, but I actually think the guy has come a long way since the beginning of the year.  To me he is a solid NBA back-up and role player.  He does not fear contact, he can dish some out, he has some offensive game, and he will rebound.  I agree with those who want to take a free agent flyer and try to throw some money to sign Oden if it can work.  Risky? Yes, but if the money is right and he would come here I'd role with Oden/Pek.  If not The center remains a weak spot.

At the two we have no legitimate player in my opinion. This is what I believe the team needs most of all (given that Rubio is supposedly coming).  A player who can handle the ball, create his own shot, actually make shots, and slash would make a HUGE difference on this team.  I don't even think the guy has to play great defense, just score.  Why?  Because we have lacked it for years and it shows.  We have not had a player that anyone has even had to worry about guarding.  The extra effort this would take from the opposition in expended energy, fouls, and defensive attention would immediately translate to the difference in many close games.  The last several drafts have been full of point guards and power forwards and short on legit two guards.  That is why if Barnes is in the draft and if you think he looks legit, I think you HAVE to take him.  Even if his first year will be a big adjustment.  

That brings me to the point.  The NBA is full of quality point guards right now.  How we have managed to keep ourselves from one, especially with all our picks, is astounding.  The Johnny Flynn pick is the most glaring mistake of the last several years.  A total bust.  I do not dislike Ridnour, but he is what he is, a decent backup NBA point guard.  I can not count how many times this year the Wolves had a ten point lead with five minutes left in the fourth quarter and I screamed at the TV as Ridnour, made a bad pass, jacked up a shot with 20 seconds left on the shot clock and the lead, dribbled into a trap, etc.  It is unfair to lay so much failure on one player on this team, but I think the guy personally kicked away four or five close games all by himself and he is the veteran on the team.  I say keep him, but Rubio is supposed to be coming and he gets the keys.  If you have the number one pick, I still may take Barnes, and roll with Rubio, but if you get Irving, I still keep Irving AND Rubio before you trade.  Find out which one pans out so at least you have one.  If they both do, find out which one most likely will resign and trade the other for need.  But for God's sake, get yourself a legit starting point guard.  I do believe though that Rubio solves the problem.


So for me, I am satisfied with the 4, the 3, I see immediate improvement at the 1, and you have picks and cash to solve either the 2 or 5 long term.   I don't think Kahn is as bad as everyone has made him out to be (the Johnny Flynn pick not withstanding)  and he is certainly not top ten and GM's either.  But I think by the time the next season rolls around you may have four positions set with solid NBA players you can build long term with and will see a big jump in wins next year. 


Which brings me to my last point.  Rambis.  I don't dislike the guy either but he is a bad fit.  I don't know who you replace him with but the triangle is not for us.  We don't have the roster for it.  It is too complex for the young players.  It also plays away from some of the few strengths the team may have.  I also have not seen a great amount of "player development" as promised.  Not any more than one would expect from any other team, and I see a mistake filled, turnover prone team.  I also grow frustrated watching teams go on 15 point runs and Rambis having no interest in calling timeouts, or being able to draw up a play at the end of a game.  What Rambis adds as a positive to this group I don't know.


Sorry for the long winded post, but I don't think it is as bad as some think it would seem.  The team is young, there is talent with more on  the way.  But I think with a good draft pick, assumed better point guard play, and a different coach, it is not as close to the end of the world as others make it seem.  And truth be told I am a MN sports cynic.  Maybe I have had too much koolaid and we will get the fourth overall pick, and trade it Kwame Brown.

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