Point Gaurd is our biggest need.  Period.

I'm looking forward to watching Chris Paul and the Hornets again tonight and one of the biggest reasons for this is the idea of what the T-Wolves could do with a PG like CP3.  I look at the Hornets roster and can't help but think that the Wolves roster is better minus CP3.  You put a Chris Paul type player on our team and that pushes us over the top. 

Into the playoffs at least.  Look at the teams in the playoffs and look at the great to elite PG's.

Mem - Mike Conely - Has been very, very good after signing his new contract

SAS - Tony Parker - Turnovers all over last night, but normally a great facilitator

LAL - Derrick Fisher - Always solid at distribution and the nail in the coffin shots

NOH - Chris Paul - WoW, Just WOW in the playoffs

DAL - Jason Kid - Has a great shot this year to go along with running the offense

POR - Andre Miller - Always solid and always underrated

DEN - Felton/Lawson - Both had great years, made the offense go after the trade

OKC - Westbrook - New type PG with the ultra quick first step like D-Rose

IND - Collison - A great pick up for Indiana from the Hornets.  Very Solid!

CHI - Rose MVP - MVPMVPMVPMVP  nuff said

PHI - Jrue Holiday - Should have been drafted WAY higher, because he's great

MIA - Mike Bibby - Old, shot is slumping a bit in the playoffs, but he's a 4th wheel on that team

BOS - Rajon Rondo - Great and when he's on his game, Boston is almost unstoppable

ATL - Hinrich - Great pick up for ATL and it's showing against ORL

ORL - Jamear Nelson - Very tough and crafty PG.

NYK - Billups (He gets hurt and now they are out of the playoffs) If he was healthy, does NY get  swept?  NO!


Main point is we need that distributer, facilitator, 15 assist type gaurd that can get the ball to Beasly, Wes, Love, Darko, Webster, Tolliver, Randolph in a great position to score.  We do that and we'll jump to 30 plus wins next year.  If we don't get this PG through Rubio, Irving, FA, or Flynn having an amazing turn around, we'll struggle until we do for who knows how many years.

It's like getting Tom Brady or Peyton Manning to run the show in the NFL.  Point Gaurd is that spot in the NBA.

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