The way it could have been and the way it is.

A lot of people have been down on the Wolves lately and for good reason. They are playing way below expectations, the in-game coaching and sets have been at least questionable and at most horrendous, the vision doesn't match the product etc... but I'm not sure our expectations have been realistic.


I'm not making an apology for Rambis or Khan but would like to point out what our team would look like if they hadn't made two very clear moves that put us in a position to win later rather  than to win now.

1) Trading Foye and Miller for Ricky Rubio

2) Trading Al Jefferson for two first round picks


I believe Miller would be off of his contract by now but its hard to argue that this team wouldn't be a whole lot better with Al and Randy on the squad. Yes they were not and are not Brandon Roy or Kevin Garnett but they were good players. Al currently holds a 20.32 PER (28th in the league) with an earned wins added of 13.4 (18th in the league). Foye has 12.08 PER (232nd in the league) and .9 EWA (223). Foye's advanced stats don't look great until you realize that it puts him as a solid 7th or 8th option ie. 232/30(teams) = 7.733.


Looking at our roster that would put us at


C= Jefferson/ Darko/Pek/ Tolliver

PF= Love/Randolph/Jefferson/ Tolliver

SF=Beasley/ Webster/ Johnson

SG= Johnson/ Foye/ Ellington

PG= Ridnour/ Foye/ Flynn/ Telfair


Keeping AL and Foye statistically without accounting for lost production from other players (but maybe added production too?) would mean that we would have about 30 wins right now. if we account for their veteran leadership (especially at the end of games), I would put us at around 35 which would mean that we might give up the clippers pick this year, or last year, rather than next.The thing is though, where would this team hit ceiling? I'd say 40 or 45 wins.


Where will the current Wolves roster hit ceiling?Let's look at the potential roster:

Darko/Pek/ Tolliver

Love/ Randolph/ Tolliver

Beasley/ Johnson/ Webster


(Rubio)/Ridnour/ Flynn

Obviously some pieces are going to need to be shuffled but I like where this is headed. Nobody knows but I like to think with Rubio or the assets we get in return plus our draft pick this year and the continued development of our young players we'll be better than 40 or 45 wins.

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