The Future Will Be Good

       Alright, now I know everyone out there who breathes, eats, and sleeps Timberwolves basketball has been quite depressed of late.  When your team does well, it translates to your daily life and gives you some energy that might not have been there before, and vice versa, when your team is a consistent bottom dweller, you seem to lose faith in being able to do anything well.  I know this is a little farfetched, but I know there are hundreds of fans who've nearly given up on the organization.  But I do believe that the future will be very bright, if, and only if, we bring in a new owner and, more importantly, a new coach.

     Before the start of the season, I didn't have high expectations for the club, although i did believe that we could amount to about 30 wins, a total that was probably in the heads of almost all of the TImberwolves fans.  However, I did have high expectations for Kurt Rambis, being the apprentice of the Zen master.  But after seeing how apathetic he is towards our ballclub, I do feel as though we need a change as soon as possible.  We need a coach who can motivate our team and mature them; a coach like Thibodeau, Avery Johnson, or Doc Rivers.  We need a defensive-minded yeller.  

  Because if you think about it, we now have the pieces after this upcoming year to contend for a low playoff seed with a coach like that.  And i know these expectations aren't very high, but I would be very pleased to see a Timberwolves playoff game.  Now, if there is a season next year, this is the lineup we can expect to see, without any free agent movement.

PG- Ridnour, Rubio

SG- Wayne Ellington, Wesley Johnson

SF- Beasley, (Barnes, Derrick Williams)

PF- Kevin Love, Anthony Tolliver, Anthony Randolph, (Derrick Williams)

C- Darko Milicic, Pekovic, Tolliver

This is the team we can expect to see on the court next year, unless we sign a free agent or commit to some lavish trade, which we shouldn't expect because of our penny-pinching GM.  Now, obviously this team next year will not do well because of our coach, but with a defensive-minded coach, this team would actually be a lowly playoff contender, don't you think?  The pieces that we obviously need to keep are Ridnour as a mentor and a great backup, Wayne Ellington for his steady improvement and hot shooting, Kevin Love for obvious reasons, and Anthony Tolliver for defensive purposes and determination.  With that being said, Rubio will be coming over, and we will have a high draft pick.  My draft choice would be Harrison Barnes because I have been an avid Arizona Wildcats fan, and although Derrick Williams is a true leader and a workhorse, I do feel as though he has a low ceiling, and is just a more athletic Kevin Love.  Barnes has developed throughout the tournament and I feel like he has more potential to become an A1 superstar.  And alongside Love and Rubio, that could be a winning combination.  Now lets go out there and get Deandre Jordan, and this will be a club to look forward to.  

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