Shooting Guard Suggestion (With Poll!)

Non-James Harden Division. ;)

What if I told you there was a 6'6" 25-year-old wing who's an unrestricted free agent this summer that everyone expects will leave his team because he wants more playing time? This player has the ability to hit the 3 (37% career beyond the arc) but is also one of the more spectacular athletes/in-game dunkers in the league, making him a dynamite fit for, maybe, a flashy Spanish PG. His career per-36 minute line is 19/4/3, and that's depressed somewhat because he came into the league too early. His offensive ratings (along with his usage rates for the past 5 seasons):

112 (23%)
111 (26%)
111 (24%)
101 (27%)
109 (22%)

Can you imagine a SG who can post an offensive rating of 110-ish at a 25% usage rate on the Wolves?

Now, maybe you've guessed who I'm talking about. This player also has a few warts. He's had some, well, I think they call it "maturity" issues in the past (e.g., he's bumped heads with coaches, he's had some really unfortunate off-court issues in the past, he's overy demonstrative...). On the court, he's inconsistent.

But, maybe because of these issues, maybe because he has yet to really establish himself as a starter, you just don't hear a lot about this guy being pursued that heavily. (What I'm getting at is, maybe he'll receive more modest contract offers, and maybe he's not out of the Wolves' zip code, particularly if he wants to be a starter.)

The mystery man is JR Smith.

So, this exercise is mainly just throwing spaghetti against the wall to see how it sticks. In many ways, Smith might seem like a reasonable gamble given that the Wolves really, really need a flat out perimeter scorer, an efficient perimeter scorer. And since he'll turn 26 this season, maybe he'll turn the corner on some of the immaturity and inconsistency that's prevented him from taking the next step. On the other hand, maybe he's just a knucklehead who, if asked to come to a team like the Wolves and be the guy, won't handle the responsibility well.

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