Turning it around?

Have the Wolves stockpiled enough assets to attempt a Celtics style turnaround?

If we were going to try it, it would start with a Michael Beasley trade.  The first option I have in mind would send Beasley, Pekovic, and the #20 pick to Golden State for Monta Ellis.  The second option I have in mind would send Beasley, Pekovic, Lazar Hayward, and the #20 pick to Houston for Kevin Martin.  The third option would be to send Beasley, Milicic, Ellington, and the #20 to Philadelphia for Andre Iguodala.

The second step would be turning the #2 pick in a 2-player draft into another solid veteran.  Option A would send Milicic (or Pekovic, whichever wasn't involved in the first trade), Flynn, and the #2 pick (the slotted salary is roughly equal to Luke Ridnour's salary so I've used him as a proxy) to the L.A. Lakers for Andrew BynumOption B would send Milicic (or Pekovic), Flynn, Randolph, Johnson, the #2 pick, and Utah's protected pick to Orlando for Dwight HowardOption C would send Milicic (or Pekovic), Flynn, Randolph, Johnson, and Derrick Williams to New Orleans for Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor - the ESPN Trade Machine suggests that this won't work, but I believe it will work once Eddy Curry's contract comes off our books on July 01.

Golden State option: I think Beasley is a really good fit there.  Plus they add a pick and a young, low post scorer in exchange for a guy whose skill set is redundant with Stephen Curry's.

Houston option: Pekovic adds depth down low.  Beasley can be the focal point of their offense at the 4 or the 3.  Plus they get younger.

Philadelphia option: Ellington is a Philly native who would be well received.  Beasley is a better pairing with Turner than Iguodala is.  Milicic provides some beef to their front line.

Lakers option: I think the Lakers are a team in search of a new identity at this point.  Adding a young scorer like Williams, and a misused prospect like Flynn in exchange for an injury prone center like Bynum is a way to rejuvenate that team.

Orlando option: if they're considering rebuilding instead of reloading, a huge if, then this isn't a bad haul for them.  Randolph still has untapped potential.  Williams could be their next franchise centerpiece.  Flynn would be well served to learn from Nelson and could transition into the starting spot in a couple of years.  Johnson could also help them along coming off the bench.

New Orleans option: for a team with money troubles and on the brink of losing their two best players (David West this summer and Paul next summer), this might be just the trade they're looking for.  It will take a while for it to all come together, but this would be a nice way to jump start the rebuilding process.  Williams is often compared to West, so he's a nice place to start with replacing West.  Flynn will be much better in that offense and with Monty Williams' defensive system.  Randolph could play the center when they decide to go small, and maybe some point forward when they go big.

We'd have one of the following line-ups:

C - Bynum (A); Howard (B); Okafor (C)

PF - Love

SF - Johnson (A); Webster (B & C)

SG - Ellis (1); Martin (2); Iguodala (3)

PG - Rubio (A & B); Paul (C)

Key Bench pieces: Tolliver, Ridnour, Ellington (1 & 2), Hayward (1 & 3), Randolph (A), Rubio (C)

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