Long term fix?

I have been a long time follower here, and an occasional poster.  I, for one, think David Kahn has done an ok job assembling talent on this squad, and I think this off-season will make or break him as a GM.

Kurt Rambis needs to go. He's not a good coach.  We had the talent this past year to win 25-30 games, evident by our 3-19 record in games decided by 5 points or less.  Almost every one of these games were winnable.

Kahn needs to get crafty this off-season and wheel and deal a little bit.  Below the jump I will outline how I would approach the team, and how I would fix it. (I'm assuming Rubio comes over)

I think this team needs a defensive-minded Center, a SG that can play well both ways, and some veteran leadership.  This will come through coaches and players.  Even though Kevin Love's value is at al all-time high, I would not trade him.  I like the Love/Beasley combo at forward. 

The trades I would complete:

MN revieves JaVale McGee + #8 pick; Washington recieves: #2, #20, and Anthony Randolph

MN recieves: Andre Iggy + #16 pick; PHI recieves: #8 pick, Wes Johnson, Martell Webster, Nikola Pekovic, and Luke Ridnour

With the #16 pick I would target Marshon Brooks out of Providence.

PG: I think Ricky Rubio will be good, maybe even great.  If he comes, we have our starting PG.  Flynn is very frustrating, but I believe his value is at an all-time low, and we should hang on to him for that reason alone.  We can sign a guy like Anthony Carter to mentor Rubio and Flynn both. (he's a FA riding the bench in NY after the Denver trade)

SG: Andre Iguodala is just what this team needs.  He can creat his own shot, adds leadership, and most of all, he's a very good defensive player.  Rubio/Iggy backcout would be 100X better defensively than what we had last year.  Brooks could be a beast. Ellington can back them both up or get traded.

SF: Beasley still can score at will, and when he's on he can carry a team.  I would like to keep him, and bring in Iggy as a mentor/life coach.  I would be open to signing a guy like Grant Hill to mentor as well. (under a 1 year deal).

PF: Kevin Love. Backed up by Anthony Tolliver.

C: JaVale McGee is a great shot blocker, and a very good defensive Center.  Darko is a very serviceable back-up, and at 15-20 MPG, I don't mind him.

Our Final Line-Up (If mak07 was GM):

PG: Rubio, Flynn, Carter

SG: Iguodala, Brooks, Ellington

SF: Beasley, Hill, Hayward

PF: Love, Tolliver

C: McGee, Milicic

What kind of win total are we looking at? I'd say with Rambis around 30.  With a good coach around 40.  Would this team be set up for the future as good as I think it will?  What say you? How'd I do?

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