What to do with #2.

This is my first post on Canis Hoopus and given the excellence of content and research that goes into many of the posts here I find it little intimidating. That said, I too need a little help from the best therapeutic process available to we Wolves fans so I’m going forward anyway. My strategy is to take the opposite approach. I am doing little to no research and am operating based mostly on gut instinct and the natural  bias of an NBA fan and, even worse perhaps, a Fantasy Basketball manager. 


My topic is, of course, the #2 pick and what to do with it. Despite my natural bias against spending high draft picks on 6’-8’’ wing players who are athletic and could shoot in college (see last years draft) I am beginning to think maybe we should just go ahead and take whichever of the consensus top two picks Cleveland passes on. But that approach simply requires waiting for draft day and the internet is all about speculation. Besides, crazy trades are one of the things that makes the NBA so much fun so I am posting about possible trades involving the #2 pick. 


I think it would be ideal to trade the pick and possibly another player, for a veteran player who fits a need and a pick later in the draft. I’m not sure how realistic this is, especially given Kahn’s current status in the league and our poor position of leverage in general. I have definately included some pipe dreams on this list but I have tried not to be too over the top in that regard. In looking through the rosters of other NBA teams I have come up with a few players that I wouldn’t mind seeing in a Wolves uniform. I am factoring in the possibility that we might need to include another player to even things out. This other player could be either one of our very few assets or a player we would like to get rid of. Obviously the quality of what we might expect in return would depend upon what we give up and what another potential trading partner is willing to take on. I look forward to hearing what other Wolves fans think. 


Anderson Varejao-  Cleveland Picks #1 and #4. He would be a good compliment to K. Love in the front court in terms of skill set but they would really struggle against teams with real size. 


Dorell Wright- Golden State picks # 11. Might give us that shooting guard we desperately need. 


Kyle Lowry- Houston picks #14 and #23. May not be available after a very solid season.


DeAndre Jordan- Would be nice to get our next year pick back and E. Gordon seems out of reach. 


Eric Bledsoe- See above. Maybe something involving our pick back and Rubio. 


O.J. Mayo Seems like he could be available and would be a good fit at shooting guard. 


Marc Gasol- Remember I mentioned including some pipe dreams. 


Carlos Delfino- Milwaukee picks #10. A nice veteran two guard. 


Brook Lopez- New Jersey picks # 27. Was disappointing last year but is a proven “real” center. 


James Harden- OKC picks #24. Seems highly unlikely. 


Wesley Matthews/ Nicholas Batum-  Portland picks #21.


DeMar DeRozan- Toronto picks #7. Did I mention that we need a shooting guard? 


Jerryd Bayless- Something to think about if we give up on or trade Rubio. 


Raja Bell- Utah picks # 3. A veteran shooting guard I have liked for years. Doesn’t seem like enough to move down a slot in this years draft. 


Jordan Crawford- Washington picks #6 and #18. I’m not too excited about this but would be open to working something out. 


There you have it- a quick glance list of players that I could see being ok with having be part of some kind of trade involving our #2 pick. I look forward to hearing who I missed, why players I mentioned are a poor fit or unavailable as well as why Derrick Williams would be better than any of these guys. 


As a side note- I sure hope that the CBA situation gets fixed soon because the NBA offseason is my third favorite sports season after the NBA and NFL. 

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