Draft-Day Trades: Marty McFly Edition



Chad Ford tweeted right away after the lottery results that the Timberwolves were open to shopping the pick.  Weeks before that, Canis Hoopus seemed pretty well-convinced that anything after #1 would be shopped, as Derrick Williams is the consensus #2 and has all the look of Michael Beasley-lite.  So, each day we are treated to a multitude of trade-idea fanposts, and here is yet another.  It's the Marty McFly Edition, where we go back in time one year, and pretend we have the #2 Pick in the 2010 Draft.  Could the players available to the Wolves at that spot be available via trade with our pick in this draft?

Evan Turner


Turner was high on all of our draft boards, last year.  He was a legitimate shooting guard who could score, rebound and pass.  After watching Wes Johnson shuffle his feet and dribble it up to his neck, this seems like a welcome addition to the 2012 Wolves.  Turner was a disappointment of sorts, playing bench minutes on a surprisingly-competitive 76ers team.  His numbers were nothing to write home about, but let's consider that his role of playmaking wing is one of the more-difficult ones in the league.  Also, he fits a tremendous need on the Wolves, as an actual shooting guard with some size, dribbling ability and all-around skills.  I would trade the second pick in this draft for Evan Turner.

Derrick Favors

Favors was the third pick in the '10 Draft.  He then became the centerpiece of the trade that brought Deron Williams to New Jersey.  He was an "upside" pick, with an impressive combination of length, bulk, and athleticism.  With all of the speculation that the Wolves may select Bismack Biyombo from the Congo, a wiser decision (if possible) might be to trade for Favors.  Utah picks third, where some expect them to draft point guard Brandon Knight.  With a crowded frontcourt (Millsap, Jefferson, Favors, Okur) the Jazz might like to add Derrick Williams, who says himself that he is a SMALL FORWARD.  Favors would seem like an excellent frontcourt mate for K-Love, and also a potential recipient of many Rubio alley-oop passes, if not pick-and-roll passes. 

DeMarcus Cousins

A true center that rebounds and will probably command a double team soon, if he doesn't already.  With a smart coach, and smarter guards than the ones he plays with in Sacramento, Cousins could become quite a scorer.  He got into some trouble with his team and according to some is very immature.  But, maybe some of that is behind him and the "good guys" Kahn has assembled could help him mature faster than Evans and Whiteside have, on the Kings.

Let's make the poll about which guy you would most WANT the Wolves to trade the #2 Pick for.  In the comments thread, we can talk whether any or all of these are actually realistic and what else may have to be included to make a deal happen.

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