Trading partner for Beasley?


The first working assumption here at CH is that if they Wolves stay put at #2, they should draft Derrick Williams.  The second  assumption seems to be that our roster makes no sense with a number of PF’s who have some SF skills (Williams, Beasley, Tolliver, Randolph). The third  assumption is that Love is highly unlikely to be traded. 

Most of the clamoring seems to involve trading Beasley off the roster.  But the question is: What other NBA teams have a need/desire for a productive, young combo forward, who exhibits offensive potential, but inefficiency, inconsistency, lackadaisical(at best) defense, and who although 2010-11 went better, has a history of off the court issues.

It would either be 1) a team with a strong veteran presence, who feels Beasley would be a strong second or third option, 2) a team utterly lacking in offensive identity, and willing to put the ball in Beasley’s hands, like the Wolves were, or 3) a team looking to clear salary.

Among these teams, who has something of value for the Wolves? (Ignoring future draft picks)

Detroit? –They hold the #8 pick, and they have a few vets who might help to mature Minnesota’s roster in Hamilton and Prince.  Could pair with Monroe to form an intriguing, if lacking in intensity forward combo.

Milwaukee? – They hold the #10 pick, but lack much veteran leadership to offer with the team being built around Jennings and Bogut.

New Jersey? – Could play 2nd fiddle to D. Williams, but what do they have left to offer the Wolves? Nada.

Phoenix? – As time dissolves their roster, perhaps they would be interested in acquiring a scoring forward.  What do they have to offer us? The #13 pick. Nash? Unlikely. Hill? That might be a little too “veteran” leadership.

I think here’s the ideal team to be fleeced:


Here are the forwards currently on their roster:

Tyrus Thomas – Tantalizing, but maddeningly inconsistent player, who is unlikely to develop an impactful offensive game at this point.

Boris Diaw – Nice, if soft, complimentary forward, with nothing to be a compliment to.

Eduardo Najera, D.J. White, Dante Cunningham, and Dominic McGuire – Four forwards who scramble for a few scraps of PT, or just to make the roster.

Beasley would undeniably be an upgrade to the offensive skill level at the forward position.

Their leading scorers Stephen Jackson(18 ppg) and D.J. Augustin(14 ppg) are  better suited to be 2nd, 3rd, or 4th options, and would probably benefit from having an offensive focal point.


What do they have to offer?

The #9 pick, which if you believe most mock drafts could give us the option of selecting Biyombo or Burks, should we be so inclined.  There’s also the possibility of packaging the#9 and #20 to move up a few spots, should we find a willing partner.

Charlotte’s roster and budget is a mess.  They’re paying Boris Diaw 9million this year, Stephen Jackson 8.5m, Tyrus Thomas 6.5m, Diop 6.5m, Matt Carrol 4m, Shaun Livingston 3.5m…..They’re going to be over the cap, with only the possibility of sneaking into the playoffs because of the very thin Eastern conference.

As far as roster players there’s little available for pillage, with possibly 1 exception: Stephen Jackson

Charlotte needs a talent upgrade, and they need to cut salary. Minnesota needs a strong, competitive veteran presence.

Beasley and #20, for S. Jackson and the #9.




D. Williams

S. Jackson






W. Johnson


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