Why we shouldn't trade the #2 pick

Monta Ellis, Andre Igodoua, Tyreke Evans, yes these are all quality players that if they were available they would be a big help to the team. But let's look for an example of what recently traded draft picks go for:

2009: Minnesota trades Randy Foye and Mike Miller for the 5th pick. This was a much strong draft (apparently) and we only had to give up 2 bench players to get this pick

And for the past 5-6 years that is basically it.


here is an example of what trading down a few spots gets you: Bobcats and Clippers 2004

Traded 2004 first round pick (#4-Shaun Livingston), 2004 second round pick (#33-Lionel Chalmers), Bobcats promise to select Predrag Drobnjak in expansion draft to Clippers for 2004 first round pick (#2-Emeka Okafor) on 2004-06-21


So trading down a few spots will net us a 2nd rounder?


I think the idea in principle is okay to trade for a veteran, but who doesn't want to trade for a vet that is in this draft? None of the vet's that are available are going to help us make the playoffs, Monta Ellis? Yeah we will be better and possibly more watchable but we still will only win 30 games, and worst of all that might be enough to save Kahn's job another year.

If anything I think we should try and take advantage of the fact people hate this draft and try and trade back into the top ten. If Miller and Foye could net us a 5th pick Beasley could easily get us into position to draft Burks in the later half of the top 10 (Milwaukee?). Or maybe we try and package Beasley/Johnson to get Enes Kanter and Derrick Williams to pair with Rubio and Love.


I have a hunch this draft won't be as bad as people say it is, I can't prove that, but what I can prove is that history tells us trading draft picks for vet's doesn't happen often, and rarely does it net an elite veteran that will make a difference.


Elton Brand was traded for Tyson Chandler way back 10 years ago and that is the only example I could find of a top 5 pick being traded for a vet that made a difference.

A scary example of this is the Hawks trading Pau Gasol for Shareef Abdur-Rahiem on draft night.....which is exactly what I fear our trade for Monta Ellis will shape out to look like: great guy, solid player, not a difference maker.

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