Remember when OKC reached for Westbrook, and Harden we all scratced our heads??? In question how these guys would ever turn into studs. At this stage these guys are not only studs but players that can change the makeup of your franchise. It seems as if the GM of OKC actually watches NCAA BB and evaluates players on a regualr basis. Im not sure what the TWOLVES front office does to evaluate talent but in the words of Lebron James "Contraction may be coming soon" Believe me the Wolves will be the first candidates to go TRUST! I think this is our best oppurtuinity to reach for some guys to change our franchise. I know we keep hearing talk about how weak this draft is but analysts sportswriters etc... always say this when there isn't clear cut talent like LBJ, Shaq, Dwight etc....on you-tube or sportscenter. This is because in reality these guys don't watch that much college basketball!! The wolves could save their franchise if they shy away from this garbage and realize if they just Reach for a couple guys we'll be ok. I keep hearing specualtaion about the 4th and 8th selection being up for grabs if we decide to trade our 2nd pick. To me this is the best news for MN since hearing Kris Humphries locked up Kim Kardashian! If we were smart in this case we would reach for Alec Burks with the 4th pick and Lock up Kemba walker with the 8th pick. after getting our future backcourt established trade our spanish janitor "Ricky Rubio" and beasely to bring in some leadership and heart into the locker-room i see players like Ron artest & Lamar odom being great options. I know you guys vision artest knocking out crunch and lamar having an affair with Kim since they'll be living in the same area. But in reality this is a good situation for both of these guys to really create their own foundation and get out of the role player landfill they've both been in under phils system. Lamar will now have a chance to be the all star him and Khole have been dreaming about while him and Rob play NBA 2k11. And artest would solidify our weakness in the toughness dept and also effort on D.  This trade makes too much sense Rubio wants to be in L.A. Kobe thinks he's the next best thing since changing his jersey number, and Beasley is the scoring option kobe needs on offense.  The wolves need a player to allow to play center and Lamar will be the perfect fit not only will he be good on weakside D for Love but he could also score better in the post and K.Love could focus more on being the great mid range shooter he is.  He wouldn't have to worry about these great PF's throughout the NBA exposing his weakness to create his own shot. He will now be the best C in NBA basketball all he would have to do is board and shoot 15 footers all game occasionally 3's since he became a threat now!! K.Love will now be an All star for the next 7-10 his stats compared to other C's will be ridicolous. I see


11-16 rpg

5.0 ass per

60% fg pct

40% 3pt fg

80% ft pct

what other C in the league will you see end up with shooting#"s like this???


The reason why K.Love's Fg% will increase is because no C's in the league will be able to go outside the paint to defend Love on offense with that kind of backcourt . He'll be able to shoot 15 footers at will with Kemba driving the lane or Alec doing so and dishing out to Love after penetration!! OMG it'll be like clockwork!!

Lineup in 2011-2012 season

PG: KEMBA WALKER---ridnour---telfair

SG: ALEC BURKS-----wes johnson---webster--ellington

SF: RON ARTEST----- randolph----johnson---webster

PF: LAMAR ODOM----- randolph--nicola peck

C:   KEVIN LOVE------darko---nicola peck--rookie

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