Dwight Howard and CP3

By a long shot the best fix-a-franchise suggestion I have heard that seems somewhat feasible and actually would fix our franchise is someone mentioned about a week ago this scenario:


Kevin Love to the Magic for Howard

and then trying to create a package starting with Rubio and the 2nd overall pick for CP3


It didn't get nearly enough steam when the poster suggested it so whether the steam is good or bad I think this is very much up for debate.


What are the con of these trades?

1.) The giant glaring con is that Howard and CP3 will leave, leaving us with no definable superstar to build around since we traded Love and Beasley has not groomed into one. I don't really see any other con outside of this gamble.

-My response to this, is that even if neither of them sign we will be right back to where we are now, except we will have had one really fun season of playoff basketball.

-Another response I have to this is that there is 0 guarantee Kevin Love will sign here in 2012, so we might as well try and make it work with a top 5 player as opposed to a top 25 player.

-Also, David Stern is running under the theory that any team in the NBA could have a "super friends team" if they are able to do the work and acquire them. I think this would either prove him right, or prove him wrong and show the association something needs to change for the small market teams.

What is the reality these trades could actually happen?

Magic: Is there any chance they can get a better player than Kevin Love for Howard? Maybe Andrew Bynum. Bynum is more valuable when healthy, but I think Love is the better overall basketball player. It will all kind of depend, but there is no chance the Magic can get a noticeably better player than Love for Howard.

Hornets: Again, looking at the trade the Nets gave for Williams (2 1st round picks, Derrick Favors and Devin Harris) we would probably have to sweeten the deal by maybe adding Wes or Beasley or both, but I think a package starting with Rubio and Derrick Williams is about even with what most of these blockbuster trades are starting with. We would probably have to take Emeka Okafor's contract along with and maybe Ariza's, but consider a starting 5 Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza, Michael Beasley, Okafor, and Howard.

Out of the two scenario's the Love for Howard seems more likely than the Paul one, but maybe the Hornets get desperate and like the certainty of having Rubio, Williams, Johnson, whatever.


This, to me, seems very reminiscent of how Boston built it's 4 year empire with, what at the time looked like scraps. Trading Jeff Green for Ray Allen, etc.


I don't think it's an absolute certainty that this can happen, but I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility, it should be explored and if it works out we will have the best team in the West for years to come, and if it fails we're right back to where we started.




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