Beasley for McGee?

The concern over why not to trade pick 2 for McGee straight up are pretty legit. I think if you can pull off a trade that is like 2 and Randolph or Tolliver and Webster for McGee and 6 you do that. But I'm wondering if Washington would be interested in a Beasley for McGee swap.


Now, before you think I am demonstratively overvaluing Beasley let's take a brief look at potential resons the Wiz could be interested in this.

1.) Beasley has largely the same skill set as Williams and his best position might be a 4 in a pick and pop offense which Wall could provide.

2.) He and McGee seem to be of similar intellegence so it wouldn't be like the Wiz are trading a really smart, efficient player for a knucklehead, it would be a fair knucklehead v knucklehead trade.

3.) Beasley is a DC (Mayrland maybe) native, I realize this angle can get overplayed, but it is a legitimate factor in fan interest. I mean we in Minnesota would love to acquire a hometown hero if we had one.


Now, the way I look at it Washington probably doesn't do a straight up Beasley for McGee trade. My guess though is Beasley/20 and then one of Webster/Darko/Peck could be enough to make the swap.


Would people be interested in this?

What do ya'll feel is the likelihood of this? Am I dreaming, or do you think this is legit?


What I like about it, is then we have a million options with pick 2, we can:

A) Keep Williams and experiment with him at the 3 (which I think can work)

B) Make that Raptors trade and get Derozan and pick 5 (which I would hope would be Burks or Biyombo)

C) Trade for another vet still (Like Igodoua/Gay)


and if you don't end up acquiring a legit 3 with the pick through drafting or trade, this opens up a vast amount of minutes for Wes Johnson to play his most natural position. Also giving Randolph a lot more minutes with which to develop and hopefully sky-rocket his trade value.

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