Our Flotsam, their potential

The draft being what it is, I tend to overvalue new potential as opposed to old potential (i.e. Biyombo excites me more than Randolph). Since Williams plays the same position as Love we cannot easily draft him and I have about 5 players who should be drafted between 5-15 that I really like:

Valanciunas, Vesely, Biyombo, Burks, Leonard, K. Thompson

and the ones I don't like: Knight, Walker, Kanter, Fredette, M. Morris.


The reason I bring this up is that we have a plethora of "potential" sitting on our bench, most of whom have had the first and second shots in the NBA without showing enough to make them indispensable. Sure I would like to trade for a Goerge, Iggy, Gortat, Monta, etc. but assuming it doesn't happen these are the guys I would happily move in some combination for a lottery pick (or a 2012 1st rounder).

prioritized least wanted to most wanted:
Darko, Flynn, Ellington, Johnson, Beasley, Pek, Tolliver, Webster (I'm irrational, I accept this), Randolph, Ridnour


So.. the point of this whole article is that I went to to look at the historical cost of a lottery pick going back to 2004 (when I had to go to work).


Hornets trade #11 (Cole Aldrich) +Morris Peterson for #21 + #26


Page doesn't list transactions but since I know that Foye + Miller = 5 + Songlia + Pecherov + Thomas

After some perusing I didn't find any other lottery picks moving but I can't guarantee that is correct.


Traded Mayo(#3), Greg Buckner, Antoine Walker, and Marko Jaric for Kevin Love (#5), Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal, and Jason Collins.
Traded Bayless(#11) and Ike Diogu for Brandon Rush (#13), Jarrett Jack, and Josh McRoberts


Jeff Green (#5) Traded with Wally Szerbiak for Ray Allen.
Brandan Wright (#8) Traded for Jason Richardson
Joakim Noah (#9) Acquired as part of the Eddy Curry Trade
Acie Law (#11) Acquired as part of Al Harrington Trade
Rodney Stuckey (#15) Pick acquired in Darko Milicic Trade


LMAldrige Blazers trade Viktor Khryapa + #4 (Tyrus Thomas) to Chicago for #2 and the Chicago 2007 2nd rounder
MN trades draft rights to Brandon Roy (#6) to Portland for the draft rights to Randy Foye (#7)
Celtics trade Dan Dickau, Raef LaFrentz, and the draft rights to Randy Foye (#7) to Portland for Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff, and a 2008 second-round selection. Portland trades the draft rights to Randy Foye (#7) to Minnesota for the draft rights of Brandon Roy (#6)
Memphis trades Shane Battier for Stromile Swift and the rights to Rudy Gay (#8).
Chicago trades cash, the draft rights to Rodney Carney, and a 2007 second round pick to Philadelphia for the draft rights to Thabo Sefolosha (#13).
Cedric Simmons (#15) From Milwaukee as part of Jamal Magloire / Desmond Mason trade.

Utah traded the rights to #6 (Martell Webster), #27 (Linas Kleiza), a 2006 first round pick (#30 Joel Freeland) to Portland for the rights to Deron Williams (#3).
Sean May (#13) Acquired for selection of Jahidi White in expansion draft via Phoenix's Wesley Person deal.

Emeka Okafur (#2) Acquired from Clippers for selection of Predrag Drobnjak in expansion draft, #4 (Shaun Livingston), and #33.
Devin Harris (#5) Traded with Jerry Stackhouse and Christian Laettner to Dallas for Antawn Jamison.
Luol Deng (#7) Traded to Chicago for a future first round pick and #31.

Thanks to DraftExpress for the info.

-There are usually 1-3 lottery picks moved in a given year though about half of them are pick swaps (8/20).
-Most top 10 picks are part of a deal for an established player.
-Picks 10-15 are more likely to be available for the type of player we're trying to move (see Sean May, Cedric Simmons, Stuckey & Aldrich).
-Realistically, I think Beasley, Johnson, and Randolph could bring back lottery picks given the right situation (Beasley to Bucks?) but I doubt the other guys will.
I really think Kahn has a difficult road to hoe but a lot of that is his own fault.

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