Using Wins Produced (WP48) to trade the #2 pick

Using Wins Produced (WP48)* to determine the best players to trade the #2 pick for based on rumors I've heard mentioned:

<.000  WP48 player is a waste of a roster spot
.050   WP48 player is a bench player
.100   WP48 player is a starter
.200   WP48 player is a star
>.300 WP48 player is a superstar

Lets break down the PF/Centers (4/5) first with their 2010-2011 numbers:

Player Pos. WP48 Wins (@32 mpg for 82 games)
Pau Gasol 4.7 .269 14.7
Marcin Gortat 5.0 .226 12.4
Andrew Bogut 5.0 .204 11.2
Anderson Varejao 4.8 .194 10.6
JaVale McGee 4.8 .182 9.9
Current Twolves:
Kevin Love 4.5 .458 25.0
Anthony Tolliver 4.3 .077 4.2
Anthony Randolph 4.3 .070 3.8
Darko Milicic 4.6 -.068 -3.7
Nikola Pekovic 5.0 -.141 -7.7

It looks like we need desperate help at the 5, and almost all of the bigs mentioned in trades would
immediately help the Wolves win more games. If Darko or Pekovic produced at the same levels they did
last year, but played starters minutes, it would cost us many wins.

Pau is older than the rest, but still would be an amazing addition to the Wolves. Talk about a great
player who yes, is spanish, and could hold Rubio's hand through his NBA transition. Mucho mucho salary
might be a problem with this move.

If you can get Gortat, or Varejao I'd do it straight up for the #2. McGee had a big leap in production
from last year, and is pretty young.  He's a bit more risky, but still probably worth it. If we get
the #6 pick from them and swap the #20 for #18 I think it makes it a good deal for the Wolves. No idea
how likely something like that really is.  I've warmed up to drafting Brooks or Burks with our second
pick, but #18 might not even be high enough anymore.


And now the shooting guards (2s):

Player Pos. WP48 Wins (@32 mpg for 82 games)
Andre Iguodala 2.7 .247 13.5
Monta Ellis 1.8 .076 4.2
Danny Granger(SF) 3.4 .076 4.2
OJ Mayo 1.8 .018 1.0
Demar Derozan 2.6 -.004 -0.2
Current Twolves:
Martell Webster 2.1 .072 3.9
Lazar Hayward 2.5 .014 0.8
Wesley Johnson 3.1 -.031 -1.7
Wayne Ellington 2.0 -.056 -3.1

The 2-guards mentioned in all kinds of trade rumors scare me. They all are inefficient scorers except for
Iguodala. He looks to be a very solid producer and a veteran, but his salary might scare the wolves away.
He looks like the only one who's worth it. Good luck getting James Harden.

My dream scenario would land Iguodala and any of the bigs listed above. If we still have Love and Rubio
that probably spells playoffs.  So basically not gonna happen.

Realistically if we land just one of these efficient players for the #2 the wolves will be making a large
jump in wins next year. If we can't get a good enough deal we'll have to roll the dice with another draft
pick and another very young team.

Stats grabbed from
*WP48/Wins Produced explained:


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