Red pill or Blue pill? I'm breaking out of the Matrix!


I have to admit, you guys are convincing. I have been talking about drafting Biyombo since the day you starting brainwashing me into believing that he is the answer to our woes. For weeks I have posted comments like "just take him with the #2 pick or He's the next KG on defense" But I am changing my tune....

red pill blue pill (via MANTHONISZ)

I have decided I don't want to get cute, I don't want to reach, I don't want to trade. All I want with the highest draft pick in the Timberwolves history is to select the BPA. Thats right the BPA. By almost all accounts or at the very least most accounts Derrick Williams(link = DX draft profile) is the 2nd best player in the draft and will almost certainly be available at 2 after Cleveland select Kyrie Irving with the number one pick. I have read all the articles and breakdowns over the past few months that CH has posted and it is clear that many great basketball minds don't agree with me on this but please just draft Derrick Williams with the 2nd pick. Watch this 5 min highlight video of Derrick. Then tell me he wouldn't be the perfect fit next to Rubio, Beasley and Love. I know it is the highlights and not the whole story...

Derrick Williams 2010 Highlights University of Arizona Basketball (via ArizonaAthletics)

Ok I would start a line-up of ...






I know at times we would have to move some pieces around to match up on defense but lets not kid ourselves SO WOULD THE OTHER TEAMS. All four of those guys can space the floor for Rubio and run the floor well for the fast break. I understand we need some good help defenders and Love does not fill that roll. I have seen arguments that Love's defense can be good at center and there is no way we get out rebounded with that line-up. when it comes to defense Tony Ronzone said it best...

"Anyone can play Defense, you just have to want to play it"

That is where the Coach comes in. If we can get someone in here to motivate and educate these guys to play Defense. This line-up can work for large stretches of games. 

What say you CanisHoopus? Will you join me in leaving the Matrix? Which pill would you take, The Red one or the Blue one? 



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