Ricky's Twitter and some thoughts on Rubio/Williams

I haven't written a post here before, but I wanted to post some thoughts and about the Ricky Rubio signing and the nba draft as well as Ricky's recent tweets which I found interesting.


1. Although it's clear that perhaps Rubio was over-hyped following the Olympics I still think it's clear he gives the team and it's fans a lot of be optimistic about. Watching his arrival to the airport was very interesting and I think he did really appreciate the fan support. The T-Wolves appear to have jumped right into hyping him as much as possible, which I hope doesn't put too much pressure on him. Nonetheless, although he is technically a nba rookie in many ways he is not a rookie at all have played professionally since he was 14. The same can be true about some Lithuanians and Turks that have entered the league, but I think the Spanish league is the second best league in the world.  You can look at some of their roster and on every team you will see  players who had a least some level of success in the NBA.

2. I hope we draft Derrick Williams. With many talented American players like Harrison Barnes and Sillinger not entering the draft I think there are only two elite talent players available and the t-wolves are in no position to not do the obvious thing and draft one of these players as the #3 pick (most likely Kantor) would be a 6 or 7 pick if these guys had a normal draft. They have 34 wins of the past two season for crying out loud so although Rambis deserves blame it can not hurt to continue to bring in talented players. If Williams goes #1 things will be complicated and this has been discussed a lot here at Canis Hoopus.

3. In conclusion I think this starting to be a really great summer for T-Wolves basketball. Think about it, two years ago it was Jonny Flynn's impressive rookie camp workouts, last year it was Darko Milicic, Pekovic, Johnson and Beasley. Still, I think a Rubio and Williams summer would be huge for the team and really give the base something to be excited about. This is getting excited about Darko finally figuring it out or Beasley getting a chance at more minutes, rather we are obtaining two the most exciting players in the world. Personally I hope we hang on to Beasley too and try to figure something out with the roster. Then for star players who would have:

Rubio, Love, Williams and Beasley

Perhaps they don't deserve to be called stars with the exception of Love based on the accomplishments, but compared to the star power of other teams which made the playoffs last year and suggests that there could be some serious hype and optimism regarding these team going into the Fall that we haven't had in a long time. The Grizzlies made the playoffs, who where their stars? Randolph, Gay? Also the Rockets nearly made the playoffs with who? Golden State, maybe they have a couple of guys worth getting excited about besides Monta Ellis. There are a lot of teams that played pretty average at least last year that didn't have such an interesting team. I'm not predicting a play-off run, all I'm saying I would love for T-Wolves games to be exciting again, where I don't have to look for obscure things like how Flynn is improving, if Webster is panning out and if Pek should have more minutes. This team would give the team some attention nationally in my opinion would give the team some interesting press and if we can make some good secondary moves and maybe hire a good coach, who knows. I'm just certain that the entertainment value of this team will improve a lot compared to the past few seasons.


Also Ricky's Twitter feed with his newest post first.

After long day I lie to the bed. It was awesome. I never gonna forget thia day. I really enjoy the mingling w/ fans. Have a good nigth ZZzzz

I juat arrive to the hotel here in MN. I was so impresive in da airport. Thanks a lot of u guys. I feel comfortable here. Time to rest!!!

Acabo de llegar al hotel. Un viaje largo pero muy entusiasmado de estar aqui. Que recepcion en el aeropuerto, increible. Ahora a descansar!

 My Translation: I just arrived at the hotel. It was a long trip but I'm very enthusiastic to be here. What a reception in the airport. Now I'm going to rest.

Sorry but my english it's not so good. I make a lot of mistakes but I'll try n learn how not make it. Thanks to all of u again

Minnesota here I go!!! I so excited to play w them. It's gonna be long week. I can't wait to see all things over there.

De camino al aeropuerto. Proximo destino: Minnesota!! Estoy muy emocionado con este nuevo reto. Intentare contaros todo con detalles!

My translation: In route to the airport. Next destination: Minnesota! I'm very excited with this new challenge. I will try to tell you all everything with details.

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