Not your usual trade proposal. I promise. (With Poll!)

While I have typically refrained from the trade-mongering, at least so far as to not make fanposts on them, this article got me thinking about a trade proposal quite similar in vein to the Nash talks that supposedly went on. This is not one I expect to actually occur, but I felt it was sure to bring about some more personal discussions on here.

EDIT: While the ESPN Trade Machine allowed this to go, it seems to not be registering salaries properly. Additional pieces may or may not be necessary to even it out.

So here it is:


To Minnesota:

Kevin Garnett

Avery Bradley

#25 pick


To Boston:

#2 pick

Darko Milicic

Anthony Tolliver

Jonny Flynn

Martell Webster


Talk about an impact veteran! Crazy, right? I know 4 years ago a lot of people talked about bringing Kevin back for a bit of a moonlighting session at the end of his career. Well, a lot has changed since then (his championship, injuries, demeanor), but guess what? If that time were to ever come, it is at our doorstep. He’s 35, and certainly not getting any younger. I’m not even sure I would like to do it at this point, but it sure does get you thinking.


So taking a few positional liberties, here are the rosters post-trade:









With #20 and #25, I believe we could try to trade up to get one of three things: A legitimate SG prospect in Alec Burks, Bismack Biyombo if he ends up falling into the teens, or Jonas Valanciunas if he ends up falling into the teens (adding KG means that one year wait for JV wouldn't be too painful, as well as offsetting Clippergeddon). Shift the depth chart accordingly.






D-Will (#2)/Davis/Tolliver



They get legitimately younger, by replacing KG with a new young stud PF in Derrick Williams, they get back to having a defensive C in Darko, and add youthful depth throughout the lineup with Webster/Tolliver/Flynn.


Well, this would most certainly be a blockbuster, but more importantly, it seemed like a fun opportunity to bring up our old “KG moonlighting” scenario.


Discuss the actual trade as proposed if you like (call me crazy, but I don't think it's too shabby for either team), but more so, discuss the idea of the Kevin-tastic frontcourt.

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