Proposed T-Wolves Lineup

As a long-time reader I felt like I can begin contributing to the site with my first post. As I have watched the Wolves rearrange their roster on what seems like an annual basis, we are left to wonder what might their current lineup and depth chart look like for this upcoming year, assuming we still have one.

Point Guards. I think the depth chart here is fairly clear. Ridnour will most likely begin the year as the starter as Rubio is transitioned to that role throughout the course of the year. 95% of the minutes at PG will be consumed by these two assuming they stay healthy (and Rubio, in the words of the immortal Denny Green, "is who we thought he is").

Shooting Guard. Do we keep Wes Johnson playing out of position with Webster behind him or do we shift Webster into the starting lineup and have Ellington has the primary backup. My vote would be to start the year with Wes Johnson and see how he complements the revised lineup. The fact of the matter remains that we lack a true two guard capable of creating his own shot.

Small Forward. This is where things get interesting. I for one like B-Easy as our team's three. He creates matchup nightmares for other teams and if he could ever learn how to play defense he would be an all-star. By starting B-Easy at the three, this will also provide flexibility in terms of moving DW or WJ in as a backup.

Power Forward. I may get butchered on this post for suggesting that K-Love not be the starting PF. I believe that DW will be a better PF than B-Easy and in the hopes of getting them all in the lineup, I feel that he is best served playing the PF. His game reminds me of Blake Griffin's but with a three point shot. We need to find a way to get him into the starting lineup. Anthony Randolph is a very exciting player who I would love to also see as a backup Center. Can AR play the center position? 

Center. I feel like K-Love could easily play center in this league withouth missing a beat. The fact of the matter is that this is not your father's NBA. The Ewings, Olajuwons, David Robinsons, and Shaqs no longer exist. They have been replaced by athletic, "long" post players with no back-to-the-basket games. While Love may be a liability as a one-on-one defender, there are really few centers that we face on a regular basis who actually pose a threat offensively. When we do play teams with a more dominant center, Darko can be there to match up on the defensive end. As I previously mentioned, I would also like to see AR play a little center to unclog the logjam at PF.

To recap, my depth chart would be as follows:

PG - Ridnour, Rubio (until mid-year when this flips)

SG - Johnson, Webster

SF - B-Easy, Johnson, Williams

PF - Williams, Randolph, Love

C - Love, Darko, Randolph


What say you to this proposal?

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