Phoenix Trade?

Hey guys, there has been a ton of trade discussion regarding the #2 pick both here on CH and over at BSotS. Apparently PHX is one of the 11 or so teams inquiring about trading for the #2. There have also been rumors thrown out about PHX being interested in Jonny Flynn. I just thought I'd drop by and guage Minnesota's interest in what PHX has to offer. I'll just post the roster here and make a few comments about some of the players.

Marcin Gortat, C - Gortat is likely PHX's best trade chip, but he's also the first good C PHX has had in, well, forever. There has been heated debate on BSotS whether the #2 pick would be worth shipping out Gortat. He is on a pretty reasonable contract for the production he provides.

Robin Lopez,C - Lopez was terrible last year after suffering through an injury that stole his explosiveness and his confidence. He had serious mental and physical hurdles to face, and didn't do so well. But he's still a 22-year-old 7-footer who has shown flashes of potential that could make him an intriguing piece in any trade discussions. He's still being paid rookie money.

Garret Siler - UDFA project.

Channing Frye, PF/C - Channing belongs in PHX. He fits the system perfectly and showed big improvement last year. I don't see him having enough value to other teams to make any deal worth it for PHX. He just signed a new deal.

Hakim Warrick, PF - Ugh. I'm sure he has very little value. He can do one thing well and one thing only (at least consistently) - dunk the ball. The problem is he is very skinny, a bad rebounder, and a terrible defender. Most PHX fans want him gone. 2-3 years left on his deal for ~$4 mil/yr.

Gani Lawal, PF - Gani played very well in the SL, and played decently in his stretches in the D-League. He was a mid-2nd round pick, but he was once talked about as a lottery pick and most thought he'd go late first-early second. He has some developing to do, but I think he'll be a good rotation player. You don't really need even a developmental PF though (unless you want to give us AT? Huh? What do you say?).

Josh Childress, SF - I am a Chilly apologist. I really think there is a role for him on this team and I love the way he plays. He is a tough rebounder with a nose for the ball (especially on the offensive glass), he is a good defender, and is a pretty good ball-handler. But he just didn't fit into the PHX rotation last year, or at least Gentry didn't make room for him. He does have a fairly sizable contract, though, which hurts his value. But those of you who saw the PHX-MIN game in April saw some of what he can do, and if you didn't here you go.

Jared Dudley, SF/SG - I absolutely love Dudz and it would be extremely difficult to convince me to give him up. He showed a lot of improvement this year - slimming down, improving his handles, and adding a mid-range jumper to his arsenal - plus he still gives you the hard-nosed defense and solid 3PT shooting. He's on a very good contract, which was just extended this year.

Vince Carter, SG - Vince's nickname on BSotS (among many others) was Half-Man-Half-Retired. He really did not do much for most of the year. But he has an interesting quasi-expiring contract. He is set to make ~$18 mil next year in the final year of his deal, but the team can pay him ~$4 mil to just leave.

Mickael Pietrus, SG/SF - Pietrus is a very good defensive wing with zero conscious. If he catches it in the corner with even an inch of space, he's launching it. He didn't shoot all that well last season either. But he has been an important piece on playoff teams and isn't a bad player. He has a player option for this year (which I'm expecting him to pick up) but after that he comes off the books.

Zabin Dowdell, PG - D-League 3rd string PG.

Steve Nash, PG - I'm against trading Steve almost at all costs. There is nothing the Wolves have, including the #2 pick, that would make me want to tarde Nash. He's still producing at an incredibly high level and I would be surprised if that doesn't continue for another 1, 2, 3 years. But his contract expires after next season.

And then there's the #13 pick in this year's draft.

Is there anything here you guys would want? Is there anyone on your roster that you think would fit well in PHX (don't try to BS me here; I've been here all year and seen many of these players).

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