We Have Talent-We Need Nellie + West Conf. Projections

Honestly on paper we have the talent to compete for the 8th seed this coming season.  All we need is a coach who achieves the most out of the talent he has and Nellie gets that and more out of his teams.  A 3 headed monster of Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, and Al Harrington got the Warriors 47 wins and the 8th seed.  Then turned into a magical 8th seed series win over the 1 seeded Mavs.  This years Wolves have way more talent then that Warriors team all the Wolves lack is experience.  Which I think Nellie will make up for did Anthony Tolliver have much experience? No but Nellie got 13 pts and 6 reb year out of him.  Another example Steph Curry, as a rookie he put impressive numbers up because of Nellie ball but hey we could run Nellie ball and our players can put up impressive stats.  Nellie has proven he can Run N Gun with whatever group of players hes given. 

Look at the West teams are fading at the top and 50 wins got 8th seed 2 years ago with 4 50 win teams in the Northwest Division alone then last year  46 wins got 8th seed this year and I dont think it will be that high next year.


Looking at the West I see 4 teams over 50 wins for next year.

1.  Mavs

2.  Thunder

3.  Lakers

4.  Spurs

Then there is a 2nd tier consisting of 2 teams the Grizz and the Nuggets.  Not sure who the Nuggets will bring back but I believe they will still have a very good team.

5.  Grizz

6.  Nugs

Then there is the 3rd tier team

7.  Blazers - If they stay healthy could contend for 5th seed otherwise they will still be a 45+ win team making the playoffs.

Then there is the 4th tier - teams on the cusp of the playoffs up in coming teams or fading veteran teams.  Not sure who could get this 8th seed it could go to one of the following.  Pending future trades this is how I see it.

8.  Hornets - CP3 overachieves again, if they trade him at the deadline they drop to the 5th tier.

9.  Rockets - With Kevin Martin and Luis Scola they contend but just miss playoffs again.

10.  Wolves - Adding Nellie Wolves win 37 games and miss playoffs by 5 games.

11.  Clippers - If they were to pull off a Kaman for Iggy they immediately jump to 8th till then 11th.

12.  Suns - still win 35 games because of Nash but are declining fast.

13.  Jazz - With no real threat on the wings the Jazz wont be a threat unless Big Al is in rare form with alot of help.

Then 5th tier Golden State and Sacramento

14. GSW I think they decline to under 30 wins but still very exciting team.

15.  Sacto - Jimmer, Tyreke, Cousins trio will not lead to a 30 plus win team but fun to watch.

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