Top 68 Timberwolves Plays of the 2010-11 Season

This is coming out a little bit late, as I have been kind of lazy about making another one of these (the last one I did was from the '09-'10), but here are the top 68 plays of last season. The season included many exciting plays and accomplishments for the Timberwolves, and here they are after the jump.

I tried to get a video of every Timberwolf from last season, but couldn't find anything with Sundiata Gaines.

*NOTE - Before you start watching the videos, know that if they start getting jerky, refresh the page to make them go smoother.

If you do not want to go through my commentary or go through all of the videos one page, the Youtube playlist can be found here:


68. - I needed every Timberwolf I could to have a play... here's Lazar scoring a free throw.


67. Here, Sebastian Telfair crosses over Darren Collison. Not bad at all, but that's pretty much all that happened.


66. Here, Kevin Love gets a (pretty common) offensive rebound and basket for the three-point play.


65. Nikola Pekovic blocked a shot? Sure, it was Jrue Holiday, but the ball was above the rim when Nikola blocked him. Also, Corey Brewer actually scored a lay-up at the other end.

64. Martell nicely blocks J.R. Smith's reverse lay-up from behind.


63. It normally goes the other way, but Kevin Love misses the hook shot, and Darko gets the offensive rebound and dunks!


62. Another miss and offensive rebound+dunk, just with other players.


61. Luke Ridnour makes the sneaky bounce pass to Darko for a dunk.


60. Here is another Luke Ridnour pass, this time between the legs to Beas for the lay-up.


59. A nice little pass from Jonny to Martell for the jam. I must congratulate the Raptors for their good defense there.


58. Michael Beasley makes the pass to AR for the huge slam.

57. Corey proves in the early stages of the game why he's such a good defender. He surprisingly makes the lay-up at the other end.


56. Anthony Randolph receives the pass from Luke Ridnour and attacks the rim with ferocity against the Mavericks.


55. Very nice teamwork by the Timberwolves - Wayne to Darko to Web.


54. A Darko miss for a Kevin offensive board and basket was bound to happen sometime or another.


53. I really like this play because every player on the Wolves touched the basketball on the defense to offense transition, even though it wasn't absolutely necessary.


52. Jonny! Nice defense by the Wizards, but better offense by Jonny Flynn.

51. And people complain that Kevin Love steals rebounds from his teammates...

50. Defensive awareness is what Corey excels in, which is a huge reason why he has so many highlights.

49. Passing is so important because the basketball travels much faster through passes than through dribbling. From the time Darko releases the basketball for the pass to Luke, to the time Mike dunks on the opposite end of the court, it takes under three seconds.

48. Nice screen!

47. Here, Michael Beasley scores in two consecutive isolation plays in the clutch against the Suns.

46. Here's Mike once again, this time with a one-handed dunk past Nenad Krstic.

45. Corey --> Luke --> Corey --> DUNK!

44. Mike flies past Amare Stoudemire for the huge finish.

43. That was an absolutely awesome pass for Martell to AR.

42. I already forgot about Kosta, but here he is, with a great block on Danny Granger.

41. I especially liked the first one.

40. Very nice help defense by Kosta.

39. If Kevin Love could start consistently score in the paint like that, he would be a perennial all-star. Hopefully, Kevin's working on his post game during the off-season.

38. Behind-the-back past A.J. Price, then behind McRoberts' back to Nikola for the easy lay-in.

37. That's how you defend a 2-on-1! When Beasley tries, he can do great things on the defensive end.

36. Jonny with a "sick pass" to Darko. Hopefully, he'll have the chance to do more of that in Houston.

35. There's Wes! He disappeared for the previous plays, but you will see more of him soon.

34. You thought I would forget Mo Ager, didn't you?

33. Kevin makes the hook shot over a flying Tyrus Thomas.

32. Luke passes it to Beas for the reverse lay-up.

31. Wes impressively blocks Blake Griffin's shot.

30. Luke finds Corey on the other half of the court for the emphatic dunk.

29. Mike throws the alley-oop pass to either Wes or AR; Wes outjumps AR.

28. Beasley makes an over-the-head pass to Darko for the dunk.

27. Martell drives and dunks with explosiveness.

26. Is this Wes' third block on this list?

25. Love to Randolph to Ridnour to Randolph!

24. Darko finds the excellent pass to Corey, going baseline.

23. Just listen to the commentators, I'm not as good as them at commentary.

22. "Corey Brewer gets the steal and runs for the brutal one hand slam" against the Clippers.

21. I know Kevin hasn't been on here that much, but that's because you generally don't find highlights on Youtube of good rebounds. Here, however, Kevin gets a great offensive board and finds the pass to Wes for the nice dunk.

Notice how Kevin gets that rebound. He sees where the basketball will go immediately and battles Jon Brockman for position. After that, he makes sure that neither Brockman nor Sessions would be able to get the rebound before him. He gets it and automatically sees that Wes and Luke are open. He realizes that passing it to Wes is the better option, and we get two points. This play shows why Kevin Love is the best rebounder in the league.

20. Once Wes gets the basketball here, he fakes out Russell Westbrook, then drives and dunks on the top shot-blocker of the whole 2010-11 season (total blocks).

19. Blake Griffin may be a good basketball player, but his post defense is no match for Darko's post offense. He's simply not quick enough to defend our starting center.

18. I will write about this play below the video for this one.

Start at the beginning of the play. Luke is taking it upcourt. He passes the basketball to Corey at the three-point line, who in turn passes it to Wesley Johnson. Wes drives to his left, where Kevin sets a screen that looks all too familiar (look up to play 48 if you do not remember). Wes misses the jump shot, and the ball bounces right to Kevin Love because Kevin knows where to be to get rebounds. Then Kevin sees Brewer driving to the rim wide open, and makes the nice pass for an alley-oop.

17. Darko knows how to keep the basketball away from the defense. It's really a hilarious play.

16. LUKE!

15. LUKE!

14. Tolliver with the outrageous block on Donte Greene's dunk attempt.

13. Luke with yet another behind-the-back pass, this time to Darko for the ferocious left-handed slam (huh?).

12. Beas crosses over Jared Dudley, gets fouled, and scores the lay-up in the clutch to tie up the game at 121-121. Watch what typically happens after that.

For those that don't remember this game, we lose in overtime.

11. This play shows one reason that we traded Al Jefferson, although it obviously wasn't the only reason. If you look at play #28, nearly the same exact thing happened, but it was with Luis Scola, and the dunk wasn't as impressive.

10. I generally don't remember the majority of highlights from the season, but I definitely remember seeing this one.

9. Awesome, just awesome.

8. Luke to Beas!

7. Jeff Green is pretty good at defense, right? Nonetheless, he can't defend Kevin Love as Kevin easily gets past him and dunks it to give the Wolves the lead with just over 2 minutes left.

Needless to say, we lost this one anyways.

6. And I definitely remember this one too. I really wish we still had Corey on our roster.

5. I spent tons of time trying to think of someone else who could do that, spent a long time, but couldn't think of anyone. I suppose Shaq might have been able to, and Magic Johnson probably could have also, but I can't see either of them doing that. Maybe Vlade, but I'll let Kahn compare Darko to him.

4. I'm sorry for the bad-quality video - I know there was a better one before, but I can't find it. If you cannot tell, it's near the end of the game, Monta has the ball in an isolation play with Wes defending. Monta starts to get past him and takes the lay-up, but Wes gets the block from behind to essentially win us the game. It was one of my favorite plays of the season.

3. When Mike takes the shot, Kevin's at the three-point line. You can see what happens after that.

2. I believe this was our first game of the season, and Wes showed his explosiveness early in the game.

1. And for the number one play of the 2010-11 season...


And that's it!

For the statistics of the top 68 Timberwolves plays of the 2010-11 Season, click on the following website/Google Spreadsheet:



Okay, maybe that's not it.



Here is more from last season:


Achievements (yep, this is pretty much Kevin Love):


52nd Consecutive Double-Double; surpassing Moses Malone's 51 consecutive double-doubles.

Kevin Love is named Most Improved Player of the Year.

A couple other "achievements":

  • Kevin Love - 1st All-Star Game
  • Wesley Johnson - Made the Rookie-Sophomores Game


Let's start with Darko.

Next is Corey.

Then Wayne.

Next is the lighting crew.

I went to that game, and that was very interesting.


Now it's everyone's fault.

Kevin and Wes:




And since there isn't any other video of Tanguy Ngombo on YouTube, here's a compilation of highlights for when he played for Qatar/a team in Qatar.


Who said Ricky Rubio was a bad shooter?



That's [actually] all! Please let me know if I missed something, had two of the same video, or misranked something. I know there were a couple Corey Brewer plays that I wanted but could not find.

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