Is this the best off season in Wolves History?

Yes or No?


I say yes. I can't remember an off-season where we had such a massive talent upgrade in terms of acquiring Ricky Rubio, Derek Williams and Rick Adleman


I still think this is probably a max 35 win team but the pieces are definitely in place and if anyone can get the most out of the PF heavy roster and utilize their abilities it is Rick Adleman.


Second question: how much credit do we give Kahn.


A lot of people on CH seem to believe this was a Taylor hire and that Adleman might be getting some GM stuff included in this. Even if it's so let's look at where we have to give Kahn credit

1.) He could have easily convinced Taylor to go with Bickerstaff or some one of a lesser coaching acumen than Adleman. If you don't believe so just consider all the things Taylor has been convinced to doing over the years (Mike James?) Kahn could still have easily made the power/ego play to get a coach that is his hire vs probably realizing Adleman is his best chance of having a job past this year. 

1.a) It also still might have been Kahn himself getting this hire, I have read nowhere that indeed Adleman is disgusted with Kahn and Taylor had to beg him to come. Maybe Kahn sold Adleman. We don't know for sure yet. Obviously the money was the ultimate factor, but had Adleman waited he probably could have coached in NY next year for more. I am assuming there had to be some sell outside of money for Rick.

2.) He didn't try and get cute with the draft and the coach, he took the best available. Which is something that is clamored about when it comes to drafting a coaching, just take the best person available. It can be argued DWill is not the BPA, but I think that's an argument that will not be able to be had for a number of years if Byiombo one day becomes elite which I am still skeptical of. 

3.) Whether he has a plan or not, he has a ton of options. If Beasley, Randolph, Williams and Wes, basically we need one of these two to be a stud, and another one to be a hit and solid player. Which I feel the chances are pretty solid that can happen.


So is this the best off-season in Wolves history and how much credit does Kahn get? Great, good, a little, none?

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