DISCUSSION! Did Kahn Really Have ANYTHING to do with Adelman's hire?

I think we have to discuss this internally amongst each other. I know I haven't posted much of anything around here, but I pay very close attention to this site and read this site the most out of everything I read (other than my bible of course).


The question around Canishoopus, is did Kahn really have any say so?

We have the Yahoo sports article, we have the CEO's article, the Hoopsworld article, and a bunch of riff raff from the Portland Tribune with a bunch of people that claim they know something.

There's something boiling in me that says that David Kahn wanted Adelman to be the coach the minute he fired Kurt Rambis. Let's go back a while ago shall we?

Didn't David Kahn talk specifically about Adelman when we was having that debate about Darko Milicic with Chris Webber? Summer league basketball? Does anyone remember that? Manna from heaven ring a bell? I specifically remember, that KAHNS VISION of a team, was to play a similar style of ball of the SACRAMENTO KINGS, the kings team that featured Chris Webber, and ours truly, Rick Adelman.

Coincidence? Maybe, let's look at some of the quotes that Kahn stated at the Rambis firing presser, and please don't get on me if these quotes aren't exactly correct, i'm going off of memory here.


"I think there's something to be said for a coach that has experience at the NBA level".

This means, that Kahn, pretty much all along was going to hire someone that had been proven. Not someone that has made it to the playoffs, or coached 6-8 years, but has been PROVEN. Those candidates, at best after Rambis being hired? D.Nelson, L.Brown and R.Adelman.

"You should assume this will be a wide search, not voluminous".

Meaning there really were only a few realistic options. I believe that when going across the board, before firing Rambis (because it had been decided that Rambis would be fired or remain with the organization from a front office capacity), that they had candidates in mind at that time.

Coincidence? Possible. Maybe I'm blind. Let's look at some more.

"We need to find somebody whose better prepared to coach an up-tempo style, on both ends of the floor".

Adelman? Um, couldn't be Larry Brown.. Don Nelson? Uhhh, yeah definitely not on the defensive end. More quotes shall we.

"My relationship with the coach, is not nearly important as the players relationship with the coach, and I think that needs to be a focal point going forward, I'm much more concerned for these young players that they have somebody they can connect with".

KEVIN LOVE ANYONE? How about newly traded Brad Miller? A good history with young players that want to play an up tempo style. How about the Jason Williams- Rubio comparison.

The biggest thing here, is that if the Yahoo article is TRUE in any fashion, this could mean that Kahn had made up his mind as to who he wanted as coach before the presser. If Adelman and Kahn have some sort of beef, why would that have to be stated? It, after all, wasn't really asked. I think Kahn recognized that some coaches might not like him, but that if need be, he would do whatever he could to get the guy that he wanted in. Does that make any sense?

Do you think M.Woodson despised Kahn? How about D.Nelson? What about L.Brown or S.Mitchell? I don't think so. It's kind of uncanny.

"You'll see as we start the search process, there's nothing that will restrain us from moving forward in an aggressive way, to identify a coaching staff in the next several weeks".

Glen Taylor giving Kahn the reigns with $? Why else would this come up if Glen Taylor wasn't prepared to spend some cash? Do you think that D.Nelson would cost a pretty penny like Adelman? M.Woodson? L.Brown? I don't think so.

"I feel the weight of having to do this one (hire), better than the last one".

You need a home run... Adelman is the only one that's as close to a guarantee as you can get.

One last point. WHY is it that the day after the Rambis firing, the rumors came out speculating who the Wolves would try to interview, and ADELMAN was on there. That was an indication to me that he was the guy that the Wolves wanted all along.


Maybe I'm seeing some connection here that my own brain is drawing up. But I think that we can at least conclude that Kahn had to be involved in some way.

Some articles say he wasn't, some say he was the main guy pulling the strings, who knows?

Here's what I think.

I think Kahn and Taylor were both involved on this decision and it was unanimous.  I don't think that Adelman despises Kahn. I do think Kahn is on the fence and needs to get 35 wins (in a 82 game season) to get another contract with the Wolves. I think a whole lot can be said about this hire, but who really knows?

What do you guys think? Any other quote that you can think of or conclusions we can draw?

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