Did any of you fellow Canines see the Mayweather-Ortiz Debacle?




I am on vacation in San Francisco.  I paid $36 to see the fight in HD at a movie theater with my wife.  Overall, it was fun, exciting, and interesting, but I feel like Mayweather cheated fight fans with his sucker punches.

My Thoughts:

1. People are saying Mayweather was going to win anyhow, but Ortiz was backing him up and pounding on him.  I think it could have gone either way.

2.  Ortiz's headbutt was dirty.

3.  Two wrongs do not make a right, and while Ortiz may have forfeited some respect due him with his headbutt, Mayweather cheated boxing fans by taking the coward's way out and knocking out Ortiz with sucker punches.

4.  Yes, Ortiz should have been keeping his guard up, but Mayweather acted as if he was forgiving Ortiz and then viciously hit him when his guard was down.

5.  The referee did a horrible job of handling the situation.  It is his job to make it clear when the fight is on or off.  Despite his statements,  it appears he was not even paying attention when Mayweather landed his first sucker punch.  Look at his slack-jawed, shocked expression in the photo!

 6.  Ortiz should have had his guard up, and it appears Mayweather's knockout was "legal," but I feel it was still dirty.  Knocking an opponent out with sucker punches while pretending to forgive them is certainly not the honorable way to win a fight.

7.  Ortiz should have admitted that he tried to headbutt Mayweather instead of lying about it.  He also should have been more upset that Mayweather sucker punched him.  He seems like a chump to me now.

8.  I loved when Larry Merchant pointed out the booing and questioned Mayweather about his dubious path to victory.  Mayweather couldn't handle it and started cursing Merchant out instead of discussing it.  Mayweather has no shame.  Who starts shouting obscenities at an old man like that?  A no-class punk-ass.

9.  I do not believe this fight was fixed, or scripted this way. Both of the fighters come away looking bad, and this match damn sure doesn’t make me want to see another Mayweather OR Ortiz fight, and I DOUBLE-DAMN-SURE don’t want to see a rematch!

10.  I will never pay for or watch another Mayweather fight unless it is against Pacquiao.

11.  I pray  Pacquiao gets a chance to whup Mayweather's ass.

Well fellow Canines, did any of you guys see this disgrace to boxing?  What did y'all think?

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