Change is in the Air

We all know that Wile E. Coyote is right when he stresses that by starting last year's lineup you get last year's results. He couldn't be anymore correct about that. Love, Darko, Beasley, Johnson, Ridnour? Looks pretty familiar doesn't it? It's also pretty clear that a coaching change can make a significant difference (thank you vjl110). A better bench with two rookies playing at good levels helps as well. This is why the Wolves have a .300 winning percentage only ten games into the season compared to a .207 percentage all of last year. So the progress is there, and the Wolves are now one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA. Only problem is that everyone knows there's a couple changes to be made, yet our POBO or coach have not seemed to address it very much. Here's a couple of the issues I am talking about.

Is Michael Beasley going to be traded or is Kahn just going to sit around and twiddle his thumbs?

Great question me! I bet most of you are all wondering if Beasley will ever be moved. Conventional wisdom says Derrick Williams is being groomed to play the 3 in the body of a small 4, and this must mean Beasley will be traded correct? Not so fast! While Beasley's offseason shenanigans landed him in the hot seat everybody seemed to shrug it off. It's also not helping that Beasley has turned in just one smart performance this season against San Antonio, and by smart I mean not taking 30 shots to get 24 points. His recent foot sprain also hasn't done him any favors. If I were Kahn I would be shopping him around and try to either flip him for a center who doesn't take hook shots. If not at least make an attempt to trade into the lottery. Thanks Clipperggeddon...

Residency Status: Pack your bags Beasley, welcome to (insert lottery team here)

Michael Beasley Pushes Fan In The Face @ Dyckman Game (2011) (via ThePowProduction)

When is Rubio finally going to start?

This is the one thing we all know will happen eventually. The unicorn himself will be announced as a starter at the Target Center (hopefully when I go to the Detroit game next Wednesday). It's quite obvious that the team performs better when Rubio steps onto the court. He's been getting starter minutes in his past couple games, but this team can't go much further until he is on the floor at tipoff. This year his +/- is +49, and has only gone as low as -5 in a single game. To simply state this, the team is much better with Rubio playing. I don't want to discredit the efforts of Luke Ridnour, but he is not the long term answer at the point in Minnesota.



Depth Chart says: #1: Ricky Rubio, #2 Luke Ridnour by the Sacramento game (January 16th).

Why hasn't Darko gone back to Serbia?

This is a stupid question! Why on earth would the 'Manna from Heaven' sail back to eastern Europe? Is it because his PER is the lowest it's been in 5 years? Is it because his blocks per game has fallen to 0.8 per contest? Is it because he is the only player in the NBA you can count on air balling a layup or bricking on a dunk on a nightly basis? Have no fear the amnesty clause is here! In all seriousness this is a huge problem, and there is no Ridiculous Rhombus or Broken Biangle to blame this time. The new CBA has put a convenient solution in place, and right now seems like a good time to say goodbye.

David Kahn and the Wrath of - by request for Simmons (via didntdrawiron)

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