Kahn Pressure is Finally On

So people have been continually kvetching about Kahn for the past several years. They have meticulously pored over every move he has made and dissected and attacked everything he does from the sentences he utters to the breakfast that he eats.

I had kind of been reluctant to jump onboard the Kahn Criticism Bandwagon because we had no coach and no players. Yes, it seems counterintuitive but we were just so bad that it was hard to get fired up about anything, even the cause of the badness.

But now that has all changed.

We now have two players that are legit championship-level players. Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio are the kind of players at their respective positions that take you to the top. The kind of players that win a championship.

While we were at the bottom there was really no point in getting fired up over any particular mistake. We had been making mistakes for decades and it was just more of the same. But now you can see that a window has opened. The cycle of potential has begun.

When you get a couple players who are top notch, and a coach who is real, you have to seize that moment while you can, because it doesn't last long. As Timberwolves fans we know this, just like Celtics fan know this. We have Love and Rubio on decent contracts right now. We have Adelman for a while, but he is getting older and is right around the age where he might just retire. We just don't know.

Now is the time when we have the basic foundation to build upon to get a Championship-level team. Now is when we need Kahn to get his ass in gear and make some trades to get us some legit players. And that is the point of this whole thing.

Kahn has to act now, this season, before the trade deadline, to improve this team. Rubio is already getting visibly frustrated with these close losses. Love has been sitting on this shit team for too long, and would probably jump to a proven contender without too much coaxing if we don't show some legit moves.

The bottom line is that Kahn lucked into Rubio. No one thought he would still be on the board at the 5th spot. And we really owe McHale for getting Love. The only thing that Kahn has done on his own to improve this team is to get us Adelman. That is no small feat of course, but now is the time when he needs to make some moves to get a real player or two.

Kahn has gotten lots of misfit toys to play on this island. Beasley, Darko, Dolph. But they all seem to be what they are. Flawed.

It would be great if Kahn could turn these guys into legit players, but they all have issues that seem like they are going to keep them from living up to their potential. Maybe having a second unit made up of all the former second round picks who didn't pan out wouldn't be so bad. But it seems like a risky venture.

So now is the time for Kahn to put up or shut up. Now is when he shows if he is a real GM or a horrid fake GM like so many say. I don't know much about the nba schedule, but the trade deadline is coming up I presume (i hope it hasn't already happened or i'm gonna look a fool) and he really needs to do something competent or else we risk squandering this momentary window that is slowly sliding open.

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