We Need a Vet! I Have Next Years Answer!

So I will start this off by saying this will be extremely controversial but as a diehard fan of the T-Wolves this is what I want to see them do next year.

But I would love to see KG back in a T-Wolves jersey next year. I know he is way past his prime but I think he is exactly what this team needs. With our only real veterans being Luke Ridnour and Anthony Tolliver this team needs a guy who now has a ring and has tons of experience. Here are my reasons why.......

1. Leadership. We have no "Ideal" veteran. Ridnour and Toliver are nice role players but I don't see them leading the guys the way they need to be. Back in the day rooks used to come in and they had no choice to listen to veterans but unfortunately its not the NBA way anymore. They push aside vets for young talent to groom with no real mentor.

I want to say that I really like K-Love. He is a beast on the glass and gets to the line a lot. But the guy pouts too damn much and gets his head out of the game for a while when things don't go his way. He's never going to get Kobe Bryant calls and that's OK but he has to learn to get over that. KG in my opinion is the perfect guy to get on his ass when he does this crap. Beasley tries to do this but he just sounds like a weird asshole when he does it.

KG had guys like Sam Mitchell and Terry Porter around who the heck does this team have as a veteran presence. Oh ya I guess Darko is considered a vet now huh? He could also be a great example to Derrick Williams if we keep him around and he could teach him some things and Rubio has to benefit from this in some way. I assume Beasley will be gone by then anyways but I assume he'd smack the shit out of him in practice at some point.

Every great organization needs great leadership with great influence. I can't think of a better fit than KG.

2. He's not going to demand the ball and he can play in any offense I can think of. He'll go in the post if you ask him, he'll play pick'n roll with Rubio, he'll play the high low game with K-Love, and I think he'd play minimal or maximum minutes based on what we need.

We have enough young talent. I'm getting sick of acquiring it. Either go out and get some veteran leadership and a damn wing who can actually dribble the basketball.

3. Cash. I think the most we'd have to give him would be one year 6 Million or 2 years at 10 million. That won't lock us up long and by then we can shed his contract and resign Rubio most likely.

4. Fan Base. I think most of us would love to see this signing. I can guarantee it won't go as bad as taking Randy Moss back was thats for sure. I would die to take out my old 21 jersey and rock it again. More ticket sales = More money to sign Free Agents also. KG is a solid investment. Besides do you really want to see the greatest T-Wolve of all time sitting on the Heat or Lakers bench next year chasing another ring or helping out the franchise that gave him and awesome opportunity?

How could you say no?


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