Couple of Different Bad Trade Ideas

Marc Stein: Been hearing reliable rumblings since trip to Reno for D-League Showcase that Jazz have made it known Devin Harris is available via trade

There are two trades I'm very interested in involving the Jazz, one maybe more realistic than the other.

More realistic one:

Since you can't trade draft picks on NBA Trade Machine this is how I see this trade working out

Jazz: Ridnour and Beasley

Minnesota: Devin Harris and Jazz drop protection on our pick (as I have a feeling they might not make the playoffs)

Less realistic Jazz trade:

Jazz get: Ridnour, Beasley, Randolph and their pick back

Wolves get: Harris and Favors

I like this trade cause we solve two problems with one swing (wing penetration and a starting 5). Jazz cut a bunch of salary, get a better point guard, get their pick back, and get an Anthony Randolph flier. They are having a tough time playing Favors, Kanter, Milsap, and Jefferson, while clearly their preference would be to move Jefferson or Milsap (probably Jefferson) that is a lot easier said than done with their contracts.

Raptors Bad Trade Idea:

this is an updated take on a trade I did a few weeks back involving the Wolves getting Derozan. I don't think he's amazing, but he is a starting quality 2 that is probably gettable. I went on Raptors HQ to check in on the status of DD and the consensus there seemed to be if they could get a starting 3 they would be willing to move DD.

Raptors: Marvin Williams, Wes Johnson and Utah draft pick. They get depth at the 3, they move Amir Johnoson's contract, which isn't bad now, but once JoVal comes over and they have Joval, Bargs, Ed Davis, Johnson and Klezia vying for playingtime the front court could get crowded.

Hawks: Beasley, Randolph, Ridnour. They get out of over 8 million dollars of salary, plus they get a massive upgrade at back up point guard on the supreme cheap in Ridnour.Plus they get depth at the 4 for the rest of the season while Horford is out.

Minnesota: Amir Johnson, Demar Derozan, Kirk Hinrich. Wolves get an actual 2 guard for once, and they get Amir Johnson who is, yes another 4, but he's got the wingspan and defensive ability to play the 4 with Love as the 5 in a post duo type tandem. And they get a rental in Hinrich.


Wolves ship out Beasley and Randolph and get Gerald Henderson and Ty Thomas

Thomas is having a woefully inefficient season right now, but is a career +.1/WS48 and +15 PER post player. He's making a lot of money on a long contract, which would be the appeal from the Bobcats in this trade I think. Maybe we toss in a protected pick, but if Thomas can return to his normal form he's produced like for years he would be a super solid post player to team with Love and Henderson would help at 2.


I'd add any package of picks to make this happen....but with no real back up pg's and them just maxing out Durant and Westbrook there is a small chance this is possible. Small chance. And I would be happy.

Anyone think there is a trade in here that is both plausible and helpful? Have a favorite, have a least favorite?

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