Report Card: Wolves @ Clippers

So the quality of that Game (at least the entertainment, not always the play) made me feel like I needed to put some extra attention on this Report Card. I hope we CHers are still interested in this Report Card idea. I think it is really great, I encourage anyone to sign up to write one, the guidelines are pretty clear and creativity is welcome (I assume this is what you were hoping for bsg007).

Any way onward to the game.

W. Johnson G-F 23:57 2-6 1-1 2-3 -3 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 7
K. Love F-C 36:21 5-16 2-3 5-6 -5 2 12 14 3 2 1 0 0 2 17
D. Milicic C 34:21 10-15 0-0 2-5 -9 5 2 7 2 6 0 3 2 0 22
L. Ridnour G 37:44 3-11 0-4 7-9 -1 0 3 3 6 3 0 1 0 1 13
R. Rubio G 32:22 1-11 1-3 6-8 +2 0 6 6 6 4 3 3 1 1 9
W. Ellington 30:31 6-9 1-2 0-0 +9 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 13
A. Tolliver 18:50 1-1 1-1 0-1 -4 0 1 1 1 1 2 3 0 0 3
D. Williams 14:24 4-8 0-1 1-1 +17 1 3 4 2 2 0 1 0 1 9
N. Pekovic 11:29 4-4 0-0 0-0 +9 1 1 2 0 3 1 0 0 0 8
Total 240 36-81 6-15 23-33 10 29 39 21 22 8 11 3 5 101
44.4% 40.0% 69.7% TEAM REBS: 11


First of all, I went a different direction with this Report Card. I started with everyone huddled around the grade which I deem bear minimum acceptable. I understand others would be more or less frustrated with a B-, but that is my minimum for an acceptable grade. Then, through the course of the game I made a note of moments of when a player made a positive or negative impact. The overall compilation of positive and negatives then would correlate to the final grade swung around the center point of a B-. Also I'd say the fourth quarter is kind of like a daily double, as it is crunch time. So, onward to the grades.

Ricky Rubio -

Negatives: Quick Fouls, air-ball, air-ball, ice cold shooting

Positives: Dish to Darko, Dish to Darko, Game tying three, Defense on "Big Shot",

Off Court Considerations : Composure +

When Ricky started off so cold, I envisioned having to give him an awful grade and using the phrase "Pobre Pobre pistola", but man did he turn it around. This game showed the composure of Ricky Rubio. He was frustrated and right fully so. He got into foul trouble and couldn't hit any thing from the field, and his whole game looked out of wack until the fourth quarter. Ricky made some plays happen in the fourth quarter and hit the big three when it counted. To be able to confidently step into that three and knock it down in that situation is huge. 9 points, 6 reb, 6 ast, 3 st, turns, and a +/- of +2, is a pretty remarkable stat line for a guy who shot 1-11 from the field

Grade: B+ (might look high but his fourth quarter and clutch performance makes up for the negatives is a big way)

Luke Ridnour-

Negatives: Cold shooting

Positives: Smart Play, deceptive defensive effectiveness, floater over diondre, dishing to Darko, getting & hitting FTs,

Other consideration: Leadership +

Ridnour played a pretty good game. He, like Ricky, was ice cold from the field (they combined for 4-22 from the field) but that performance was really just a bad shooting night. Luke ran the offense well and did an admirable job while Ricky was on the bench. The only negative was his cold shooting, but he was taking shots the way that the wolves expect and need him too. Really with Beasley and Barea hurt the wolves really need Ridnour to shoot, it's not ideal, but many of the shots he took tonight where good shots.

Grade: B+ (He played a great game, just couldn't get the shots to fall)

Wesley Johnson-

Negatives: Passing up open shots, fumbled pass, missed layup,

Positives: Went hard to the rim, hit a three

Other consideration: Inconsistency - , lack of confidence - ,

Wes once again had a poor game. He didn't lock down defensively. He didn't take open shots. He missed the shots he took (except for that three). At least when he passed up the open shots he took the ball hard to the rim with the intent to draw contact, but he simply doesn't demonstrate enough control to get the foul calls when he draws contact.

Grade: C-

Kevin Love-

Negatives: Looked a little bit out of control to start, cold shooting

Positives: Slick up and under move, Great dish to Darko, 3pt Buzzer Beater

Other Considerations: General effort and tenacity +

Even when Kevin Love shoots poorly, he doesn't let that change what he does. Kevin rebounds the ball and fights all game long. While it was a rough game for Love, he, like Ricky, stepped it up when he had to. I don't know if I even have to mention that game winning shot.

Grade: B+

Darko Milicic-

Negatives: Stupid touch pass TO, trying to flop on Griffin, bad pass

Positives: hitting lefty hook, multiple dunks, two blocks on BG, smart defense (other than the flop)

Other Considerations: Seemed to be engaged in this game at a different level then normal +

Darko almost looked like a second over all pick tonight. He was, dare, I say kind of dominant. He did his job and then some. Interesting to see if Darko could ever repeat this performance. Has Darko finally understood what he's capable of? What a big serbian puzzle he is ...

Grade: A (who'd a thunk it? Giving Darko an A.)

Wayne Ellington-

Negatives: Moments of questionable shot selection,

Positives: Good instant offense off the bench,

Wayne did what he was supposed to do tonight, and he caught a hot streak but other than his hot shooting and timely scoring he really didn't do anything else. It was all well and good of course but I would like to see some dishes, rebounds, or defensive flashes in the future. Really cuz he can't stay that hot from the field forever.

Grade: B+

Anthony Tolliver-

Negatives: 3 Turnovers, missed Tech FT

Positives: Hit catch and shoot three

Not a great game for Tolliver at all. The turnovers he had didn't hurt too much as the wolves actually won the turn over and fast break battle. I think Tolliver can get lost sometimes and the good things that he does are less than obvious. As a role player, it seems like this night was not a night where his "role" was really needed. There wasn't a SF who needed to get offensively shut down.

Grade: C

Nikola Pekovic-

Negatives: Nothing notable

Positives: Good inside play, made his shots.

What a beast. I'm glad they got him in the game. I think his quickness is actually impressive for a guy with his size. He's not just a rock in there, he know's what he's doing. I like the fact that Adleman has given him a chance recently. He made the most of his minutes tonight.

Grade: A (He stood out, He did more than we ever expected from him)

Derrick Williams-

Negatives: threw up two early bricks, forced it a couple of times, air ball, moving the ball,

Positives: Big driving 3pt play, two big dunks, scored all his points in the 4th

Other considerations: High effort +,

Derrick was excited to play and it showed itself in some wild play. He pulled it together though. Great job swinging the ball to Ricky on the game tying play. That extra pass was huge. Really gave the team a boost in the 4th with his effort and sudden scoring.

Grade: B+


What a win for this team. I really think they played great defense all game long. The Clippers really shot the ball well. I'm very impressed by the way that this team mans up in the forth quarter and make things happen. Adelman has turned an incredibly awful defensive team into a stellar one. Never would have believed that I would have been writing about this wolves team being a defensive stopper, but they are showing a defensive will that can only be explained by the up grade of Adelman over Rambis.

Game Comments-

The Clippers have really good guards. CP3, Big Shot, Mo Williams are or can be game changers and even Foy is competent.

Blake Griffin is good, but Kevin Love is better, at least for now. Kevin is a far more developed player than Blake Griffin. They are different types of players of course and Blake has a bit more star player #1 option potential. Anyway, just a comment

Good signs for the wolves: Somehow Darko and Pekovic helped us Dominate the points in the paint. We won the turnover battle. Great second half Defense.

Top Dogg- Darko

Goat- Wesley/Tolliver/Complaining Clippers

Go Wolves! Now take out the Jazz!

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