Scenes from Staples

My first impressions when I arrived at Staples Center were "I can’t believe how many Clipper fans are here!" I’d have thought by now that everyone would have embraced the Timberwolves as America’s Team, the underdog everybody loves to root for. But I guess the fever hasn’t spread just yet. So me and the woman made our way in to look for the Staples Center bar that I had been to the last time I went to a game a few years ago.

Wolves vs Clippers national anthem (via action72)

I thought it would be filled with TWolves fans all decked out in their Wolf jerseys. But I went from one end of Staples to the other, and the bar was nowhere to be seen. Now, if you wanted a beer, you had to buy one from a vendor sprinkled throughout the walkway. Not exactly the bar scene bustling with TWolves fans I had envisioned. Hey, at $11.00 a pop for a 16oz Heineken, I’m glad I didn’t have to buy everyone a beer. That would have put a serious dent in my gift cards. Sure, I could have had a Coors lite for 9 bucks, but that’s like drinking water, so I stepped up.

Timberwolves vs Clippers pregame introductions at Staples (via action72)

But back to the game. When Darko started the game by scoring the first 6 points for the Wolves, my first reaction was “Uh oh. You know you’re in trouble when Darko is your leading scorer.” And sure enough, we were in trouble the whole game. Other than the first basket, we hadn’t led the entire game. Not even a tie until Rubio canned that 3 pointer with 20 seconds left.

Ricky Rubio stops Chauncey Billups with a second left in the game (via action72)

Kevin Love game Winning Shot (via action72)

The rest is history. I sat next to a season ticket holder, some young asian guy who was there with his girlfriend. The cost for his season tickets? About $3,100 apiece. I don’t know what similar seats at Target center would cost. Maybe someone can fill me in on that. I spoke to a Wolves fan in the concourse, and asked if he knew of Canis Hoopus. He said he did, but since he was an employee of the Wolves, he wasn’t allowed to post on the site. But he does follow it. Very nice guy. We spoke for a few minutes before parting ways.

L.A. Live (via action72)

After the game, people were congratulating me and shaking my hand, like we’d won a championship or something. And these were Clipper fans and Sota fans. Clipper fans were very well behaved, and I never once felt any hostility, despite wearing my Rubio jersey. All in all, a fun night. I look forward to seeing them again when they come to L.A., next time against the Lakers.

Until then, Adios from L.A., Amigos

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