How heavy is your new uncut diamond, Mr. Adelman?

(translated by google)
In the whole phenomenon Ricky Rubio now drunk most of 'NBAdictos', there is a question that is fundamental: the common past of coach Rick Adelman with fellow media talented Jason Williams. Therein lies part of the ongoing success of the young Spanish guard, who was able to channel his enthusiasm for the game and his talent to hypnotize everyone in his American adventure, including the senior leadership of David J. Stern, who devoted the best cover stories on their official website.

In the frigid Twin Cities Ricard Rubio has awakened a new dream of the Olympic Games in Beijing, but with 3 years experience in continental basketball behind him. The magic is still there, and coach Adelman, knows, sees, he enjoys and promotes. His answer: "Just be yourself" ("Be yourself") is the same as that received white chocolate, bangs in hand and only two tattoos adorning his shoulders, when he landed as 'rookie' in the wasteland that was the Sacramento Kings to 1999.

Freedom in game creation and empowerment of their own virtues advocated by Adelman J'Will allowed to become a NBA player just as is happening with Ricky. Adelman same runaway horse that spurred this problematic history with the same college career triple throw from eight yards, sent shells from field to field telegraphed ending in thunderous kill or lost concentration, skill and the ball at least oversight, is the leaving the bench during the critical minutes of the last period in his young pro value of victory. White Chocolate was converted as a professional not profitable until it passed through the hands of Hubbie Brown's stage of the Memphis Grizzlies, where he met with Pau Gasol. Then he was able to win a NBA ring at the controls of the Miami Heat Wade & O'Neal. It was one of the media players in the early twenty-first century in Spain and that impressed our young generations, Sergio Rodriguez, precisely, Ricky Rubio.

For now, Adelman, who already has 65 blocks, Ricky preserves the ownership and the mission entrusted to lead (pun intended) the team in situations to reverse the pace of the game, and always in the fourth quarter. These Wolves do not have any Chris Webber and Vlade Divac able to pull of office, and the efforts of Kevin Love is good enough to boast a team still unbalanced in talent and experience.

Adelman's pupil in the Trail Blazers finalists in the late 80's, Terry Porter, sweetened sports a speech in which she always stands by his coach that he could advance his game and become All-Star. Except for his two years at the Warriors (where tricked with Mark Price, BJ Armstrong and Bimbo Coles as directors of the game, although it cut the cod was Latrell Sprewell), the bases Adelman teams have always had a superlative performance: the said Porter and Williams, Bibby (Kings), Brooks and Lowry (Rockets).Unlike all of them, Ricard Rubio Vives has been champion of the Euroleague, the ACB, the King's Cup, Olympic gold medalist and has been champion of Europe with the selection (among many other titles).

Now, as the active coach with most wins in the NBA (the first is George Karl with more than one) repeats the phrases already devoted to White Chocolate alluding to his vision and creativity, freedom gives Ricky Rubio who needs to find its own path between the flashes of the best basketball league in the world.

"I'm the one who takes minutes. I try to tell (the players) who can not control the minutes they play. That's my job. But what I can control is how they play those minutes, "Rick Adelman at the end of the 80 (Portland Trail Blazers coach, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets and now 'head coach' Minnesota Timberwolves and Ricky Rubio ).

• The title of this article is a nod to the documentary film "How heavy is your building, Mr. Foster?" That traces the personal and professional side of the famous architect Norman Foster.

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