Nickel and Dime

A lot of us on here want a big move (Kahn's long overdue "signature move"? this would be a good time for that) but I am curious what under utilized, undiscovered, improperly used assets are out there...maybe just a 2nd round pick away.

Since I am Captain Upside here on CH I figured I would do a post about some small time moves that could make big time result.

Here are my favorites:

1.) Ian Mahinmi-Dallas

I've been a big fan of his for a long time. He suffers from foul problems, and oddly doesn't block a ton of shots, but is overall a solid defensive player, his Ortg is almost 30 pts higher than his Drtg...pretty cool and he has a .210 WS/48. He's a free agent in the off-season, and with Dallas planning to pursue D12 and DWill heavily this off-season they more-than-likely won't be resigning him.

However he is both good enough and productive enough that Dallas wouldn't let him go without getting something, so I don't really have a good way for us to get him. It seems like outside of Randolph there isn't much on our roster that would be a good trade.

2.) Elliot Williams-Portland

This is a guy who has done nothing in the NBA so far. He has been buried on a good team and not been overly productive when he has been in, but he is a good sized SG that when he has been given the clock he has scored and scored a lot 15 pp36

He was very efficient and productive in college. I liked him coming out, think he could still score in the NBA

I don't know what POR is looking for, it appears they don't have much for center depth. This might be a pipe dream of a trade:

3.) Shelvin Mack-Washington

Doesn't look as impressive from an advance stand point. But the guy is a bear that attack's the hoop at all costs. He's def undersized, but would give us some depth and would be very cheap to acquire. possibly even for a 2nd round pick (or we could tag him onto a possible McGee/Williams trade)

4.) Jerryd Bayless and Ed Davis-Toronto

Guy has never found a home, and maybe for good reason. High usage (like how I'm just throwing stat phrases around now guys?), moderate efficiency at best. But he's a very solid ball handler and can flush points

Ed Davis appears to be lost in the shuffle in Toronto. He was very productive as a rookie but has been less productive this year.

I don't really know what TOR would be looking for. Bayless is a free agent in the offseason, but to get some sort of package with these two for maybe just Pekavic or something would be great.

5.) Larry Sanders-Milwaukee

weird player, doesn't play a lot, fairly low PER but he is currently a .100 WS/48 guy, has a Drtg of 99 and averages almost 3 blk/36

5/6.) Derrick Favors/Alec Burks: I would be very curious as to why the Jazz would give up, especially on Burks so soon, but neither is really playing all that much and they are questionable at best at the PG spot. I'd be curiois if they'd be interested in Luke Ridnour plus trading their pick back to them type deal Maybe not, but it would be worth checking into

7.) Robin Lopez

8.) Jason Thompson: surprisingly does not block a whole ton of shots, and has somewhat of a confusing stat history, but he'd help. The only trade I could think of that we could get him was if the Kings wanted to do a salary dump involving Thronton (if they have contract hangover) we could get them to throw Thompson in the deal.

9/10) Tiago Splitter/James Anderson: As with the Jazz trade I'd especially be surprised if SAS traded Splitter, but he doesn't play all that much and SAS is about win now.....only problem is I don't know what we could trade them to help them win now...

I think all these acquisitions could potentially come very cheap and give us at least a minimal upgrade at the center and wing positions. Thoughts?

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