Waiting for M&M to Heal; Video Reminders of the Wolves Injured Offense

This team is struggling offensively. Without Super Darko, the Wolves wouldn't have been able to stick with the Clippers enough for Ricky and Kevin's heroics to mean anything. Against the Jazz, we simply couldn't stick with some hot shooting from a capable division rival. Against the Rockets tonight, the same thing, we couldn't stick with the team.

It was nice to see Kevin play well tonight, and Ricky made some plays but I can't help but notice that it seems like they were forcing things. Kevin can force it inside and draw contact, that will work for him, but it's when he's forcing passes and jump shots that things get kind of rough. Ricky needs to play with in himself, when he begins forcing things he starts trying to make the 90% percentile difficulty pass in his huge bag of magical-unicorn-wizard-ball-distributer tricks that he begins to have trouble. Both of these things result in possessions leading to forced shots, or bad turn overs.

But my thought here is not that this makes Ricky and Kevin bad players. I believe it puts them in the category of "Role Stars". If that makes sense. I mean that Ricky is a potential star as a pass first point guard, and a ball distributer, while Kevin is a beast on the boards, can work the post and hit open shots. Ricky's ability makes everyone else better. Kevin's skills allow him to fill up a box score; he works his ass of and provides a good offensive option. So they have roles, roles that they excel at. Like a Ray Allen or Reggie Miller type, being Jump Shooter Role Stars opposed to a Kobe, D-Wade, LeBron, Derrick Rose, Dirk type of "Star" who had the ability to freakishly make crazy things happen in a way that leads their team to victory. I think think makes sense.

{Side Note/IDEA: many Role Stars playing together can become a champion ship caliber team, such as the Big three in Boston or Manu, Duncan, Parker with the Spurs. Then True Stars, combine with a Role star or solid team mates (Kobe, Shaq), (Jordan and Crew's) (even LeBron in Cleveland). Both can lead to some great teams.}

Currently however these two guys are the wolves offense. Barring another super Darko, Lucky Luke, Wayne Storm, Tolly Time [ect.] sighting we will be seeing these guys make these type of mistakes (my theory). K-Love and Ricky need to step up and try to put the team on there back and attempt to make any play that they think they can swing. Why? Because they are the face of the team, they are the best we have, they are the alfa males of the year so far.

So I cannot fault them for there miscues against Houston. I'm optimistic that they can continue to grow as players and may eventually grow to make better decisions in those situations. The good news is, if they could be surrounded by the right "Role Players", I believe these "Role Stars" could be the base of a very successful team.

I dare to say that some of our injured shooters could be able to fill those "Role Player" roles (if not more).

We all remember what JJ Barea can do, and we've been able to catch a glimpse of that this year.

But I want to focus on Michael Beasley and Martell Webster: M&M (not skittles sorry Beasley)

Here are some videos where Beasley are Webster show what they can be capable of:

Michael Beasley 42pts vs. Kings (11.10.2010) (via VCmysterio619)

Michael Beasley 33pts + Game-Winner vs. LA Clippers (11.17.2010) (via VCmysterio619)

Michael Beasley 30pts vs. Hornets (12.27.2010) (via VCmysterio619)

We see here, the big showings that Beasley gave us last year. He was ballin in these games, well passed the level of a "Role Player", but my point is that sometimes it seems like we are writing Beasley off as a guy who the wolves are looking to move at the dead line and criticizing him for jacking up long twos. When Beasley hits a streak he can flat out SCORE!

This also shows, really that last video against the Hornets, that he can do more than score, we see in these videos, that when Beasley's shots start to fall, not only does he get in a rythm but he draws defenders and then, on occasion, make the right play and get a guy and easy bucket.

Then in a random Youtube search after seeing Martell Webster get a nice little dish from Michael "Mr. Skittles" Beasley, I found this

Martell Webster scored 24 PTS in a quarter vs Jazz 20080105 (via iverigma)

Wow, guy can shoot. We could use that. This then reminded me of when Anthony Tolliver lit up the T-pups from three point land when he was with the Warriors, but I couldn't find that video.

But hey, Tell me those guys wouldn't be nice to have back sometime too. Be excited and optimistic about the possibilities.

In <><

Peace, Minny T-Pups Fanatics

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