The type of loss I like to see.

First let me get this out of the way. I don't like losing. That said some things happened worth noting. More after the jump.

1) The Wolves bigs owned the glass versus the Lakers bigs. We finished the game with 24 offensive rebounds, but more importantly had 20 offensive boards from these four players: Love (7), Pekovic (7), Randolph (3) and Beasley (3). Bynum and Gasol finished with one offensive board a piece. Kobe was the only Laker we didn't manage to keep off the glass. I can't state how impressive this is. The Lakers bigs owning the glass is a HUGE part of the reason they've been contenders since acquiring Pau.

2) We turned the ball over a grand total of 4 times and forced 12 turnovers from the Lakers. Watching the game I couldn't help, but be appalled at how awful the Lakers are at playing passing lanes. It's not a fluke either. The Lakers are forcing the least amount of turn-overs per game in the NBA right now at 12.55 per game. This one was largely on them, but it was really nice to see the guys not forcing things or throwing the ball away.

3) Beasley is rebounding again. When Beasley entered the league he posted a rookie DRB% a shade under 20%. He dipped a little bit the following year and then dropped to 14.1% last year playing at SF. He's grabbed 7 or more boards in 5 of the 9 games he's played this year and 10 or more in 3 of the last 4. We haven't had much production from our wing players this year, but getting honest to goodness PF rebounding from the SF position would be a major night in and night out advantage.

4) Pekovic is efficient. As long as he can stay on the court he's a threat. He seals his man well and converts at a crazy clip and is getting offensive boards at a rate that is only reasonable on the defensive end. He's had 5 or more offensive boards in 3 of the 4 games this year he's played at least 18 minutes. I'm pretty sure every GM worth his salt has noticed this by now.

5) Two lines to throw out there 23 for 43 and 17 for 61. Our bigs (Love, Miller, Pekovic, Randolph and Williams) combined to go 23 for 43 from the floor and 13 of 17 from the line. Our guards and wings shot 17 for 61 from the floor and 3 for 6 from the line. Take Beasley out of the equation and the rest of our guards and wings shot 10 for 46 from the floor and 1 for 4 from the line. Shooting like this we had no business being in this game. Each of our guards should apologize to the big men and then shake it off. We are going to need to hit a bucket or two against Houston tomorrow.


You don't win basketball games in which your opponent shoots the ball at a 12% better clip.

No team should feel good about their long term future when their supposedly all-star caliber PF and Center get beat on the boards to the tune of 52 to 41 while giving up 24 offensive boards. Combined that with creating a league low opponent turn over rate, a negative turn over differential and fact that they are riding an injured 33 year wing player over 38 minutes a night with over 24 FGA per night in a compressed season and have no apparent back up plan..... Good luck with that.

Beasley rebounding like a PF and Pekovic converting points are two trends that could lead to a lot of wins.

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