Old Minnesota vs New Minnesota Report Card (Lakers @ Minnesota 1/29/2012)

Triple B's Report card of the Lakers vs Minnesota game

*Note -I was wonderfully surprised by my GF and taken to this game. This will throw off my view a little as I am much more keen when I see it on TV.

First off this game was very easy for me to remain unbaised because the Wolves are my #1 team and the (former) Minneapolis Lakers are my second favorite team.

Second, I will be writing this as if I expect a great performance out of every player. No grading Wes easy because he didnt miss 10 shots(Sorry Wes)

Third, I know this site is a very concrete and stats oriented. I am a proponent of that but my natural disposition is esoteric and feel based. Please forgive me if I screw this up. Argue away and please be kind.

Overall this was a great game to be at. The crowd was pumped and it was really fun. Also, even though we lost and shot like our temperature we can take away some really good things. Lets get this started!!!!! (Cue: annoying Wally look alike replacement voice.)

Going down the box score.

Wesley Johnson

Grade- D

Pros- Had one nice drive. Looked like he was hustling.

Kahns(just kidding, I like the guy. Please dont shoot me.)- Umm... Defense. Kobe did not shoot much with Wes on him but thats more because he didnt have to. He looked terrible to me. Shooting. Pump fake an open three to drive or shoot a worse shot(Also see Ellington.)

Overall- Ship him. Mayo open?

Kevin Love

Grade- B+

Pros- Great shooting. Alot of good tip ins. Good rebounds. Got to the line. Sweet cuts. Sweet cuts. Sweet cuts.

Cons- Bad defense.

Overall- Played better than Kobe, but barely. I mean Kobe out rebounded him. He had a great game but remember my grades are not based on expectations but rather a true curve. His defense was to blame for alot in my perspective. First really bad defensive game of the year for him.

Nikola Pekovic

Grade- B-

Pros- Sweet cuts. Sweet dunks. Sweet tatoo. Sweet lips. Uh.. what? Sweet Offensive rebounds. Played decent Defense.

Cons- Too many fouls. Did not punch Bynum in the face. Did not come home with me.

Overall- I have a crush on this guy. He seemed to do a great job on defense. Really played physical. Bynum seemed to be frustrated by him. He put his arms straight up and stood his ground most times. They just made good shots.

Luke Ridnour

Grade- D+

Pros- grabbed some assists.

Cons- Missed shots.

Overall- His cold streak continues. He keeps taking the 16-23 though. The best shot in basketball will fall soon. :/

RRRRRicky RRRRubio

Grade- D- (ouch that hurt to write.)

Pros- He made some sweet passes.

Cons- No steals. Left Fisher open to do what he wanted. Fisher had 0 turnovers. Ricky didnt disrupt passing lanes at all. Did not gore anyone with his unicorn horn.

Overall- His worst game yet I thinks. Really didn't impact the game but I still take him and Pek on a date and discuss the finer points of the Western vs Eastern Euro culture.

Brad Miller

Grade - C-

Pros- Got to the line twice. One was a travel IMHO.

Cons- Looked really rusty.

Overall- Lets see more before I make a conclusion.

Martell Webster

Grade- F+

Pros- Had the highest plus minus on the team. Had some good boards. Played active and got under Kobe's skin. (Actually I think he just pissed Kobe off and sent him to EFF YOU! Mode.)

Cons- I dont know if you saw it on TV but he looked really confused. I counted 5 times Rubio had to tell him where to go for a play and he still didnt do it right. Was really rusty. His shot was waaaay off. (If Ellington keeps up the funk im going to say WWWWAAAAYYYNNEE OFFF. I know Im hilarious.)

Micheal Beasley

Grade- B

Pros- Really active. Had some sweet and clutch boards. Made a couple shots in the flow of offense and provided a legitimate spark. Had one sweeeeeet pass. I liked it alot.

Cons- Took two bad shots(that I counted) and honestly that is actually good for him.

Overall- I really, really liked his game tonight. Once Rubio yelled at him to do something, and he gave Rubio the stare down. Then in redemption he did exactly what Rubio said, got the board and the putback. I liked it. Defiant Obedience.

Anthony Randolph

Grade- B+

Pros- The only reason we came back. He played some decent D. Ran Bynum and Gasol tired.

Cons- Still cant hit the 15-20 footer. Still plays with the same droopy dog expression that makes me wonder why you can't love playing for millions.

Overall- He should have been in more. He was the counter to the half court sets. He was out and running and Gasol and Bynum weren't into that.

Derek Williams

Grade- F. F. F. F.

Pros- None.

Cons- looked overweight. Didnt do anything. Missed shots. Didnt play much.

Overall- He will be good but he isnt an impact player yet and we shouldn't expect it too soon. He has the tools. He has the mindset. He needs to work hard to get to where he can. Also, is it true he didnt play ball till his junior year of highschool? If so. Impressive.

Rickard Adelman

Grade- D+

Overall- This is the first game I felt like he didn't change the game and out coach the other team. I feel like we needed to run more. Way too much half court against this great half court team.

Who didnt I mention? Oh yeah... My eyes are in PAIN WAYNE. He had an G. One lower than an F. And not like a Gangster. Like a Goon. If he pump fakes one more open three into a dribble pull up 16-23 footer I will drive to Target Center and slap him myself.


Grade- C

Pros- Some old retreads of wolves played well and showed some promise.

Cons- We gave up too many close looks. We let the other team designate tempo. Our two solid Ricks didnt show up.

Lake Show

Grade- B

Pros- I feel like they played good D. Bigs shot lights out. Easy and tough shots alike. Kobe proved he was better than Shaq ;).

Cons- WTF is their SF situation like. Worse than ours.

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