Another Spaniard fan! thanks for this forum :)

Hi, I'm a fan of basketball, the NBA, the Timberwolves and Ricky Rubio from Barcelona. Since RR minnesota this summer came I saw every game of the Wolves and I can say that RR, the Wolves and above all, Rick Adelman, I fell in love from day one. Since discovering this forum I have been following and reading every day and every game and I finally decided to participate (I apologize for my english ...)

I keep all the NBA in general since I was little. I was thrilled when I first saw Pau Gasol in a nba court and I'm proud as Spanish and Catalan of all that has been achieved. Then came more players like Rudy Fernandez, Sergio Rodriguez, JC Navarro (for me, pure talent squandered the NBA), Marc Gasol… and Ricky Rubio…

In fact, I have to admit that of all the Spanish that they have reached the league, is with RR had less hope that things turn out well, I'm a fan of FC Barcelona and I must say that the last season Ricky was horrible, was perhaps for the team's playing system or lack of confidence in himself, but the boy who had excelled since he was 14 years in the ACB (the second best league in the world, the first FIBA basketball), he turned off the flame. In the European Cahmpionship this summer with Spain, RR not yield what was expected of him. This added to the immense pressure he was under RR and even more would be in the NBA, a very young team and with all eyes on him, not to trust me a lot in his possibilities. Rubio has covered my mouth and that of many who thought like me here in Spain. He has been over the reins of the team from day one (was not in the backourt, but he played every minute of the 4th quarter in all of matches), has demonstrated extraordinary vision and all his incredible skills (if set to defend as in Europe, all you are going to be blown away), and has regained full confidence in his game and his shot (he is not a shooter, but a starting point guard must provide minimum 10 ppg for his team and the guy has proven he can do even more, if he focuses on throwing a little less and penetrate to the basket). The Rubio with his passing, I say nothing because it's crazy! As we enjoy! (Must be more attentive to the turnovers, but getting better). Best of all, he only have 21 years and what he is doing and his impact in the league I dare to predict what will be one of the players that we will enjoy the NBA and basketball in the next 10 years. In fact, I'm enjoying as a child with the Wolves games and with Ricky.

The trust of Rick Adelman (Adelman wise for me, which way to understand the basketball) in Rubio and all of his teammates is essential in this change of his mentality. Above he is a winner, sees this game to win and I love it like Kevin Love, as they say around here, has more balls than a bull! (“tiene más cojones que un toro!”) and above superclass is! RA running the ship, Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, Michael Beasley with his head in place, this team has a promising and bright future, they have 23, 22 and 21. Maybe this season will not enter PO, because the west is very expensive and the Wolves youth pay their irregularity. But in a couple or three years this team can be fighting for the championship without a doubt, my recipe for the title:

- Ricky Rubio (The unicorn! This kid is going to go crazy at all : D)

- A 2 scorer truth (I'm not convenced with Ridnour and his defense sucks)

- Michael Beasley (this guy would have to visit the same psychiatrist who Ron Artest to motivate, but it's a great player when he wants)

- Kevin Love (If he improve his game back to the basket, will be unstoppable for all)

- A center with a capacity to defend the great centers in the league.

From the bench: the animal PEK, Webster, Darko Milicic, JJBarea (to have when recovering ...), Williams, Randolph ... can make many things now, but the Wolves still can improve their roster.

Hope you like it, I will continue enjoying the Timberwolves and RR each game, how wonderful! And also I enjoy Canishoopus, a great forum for the Wolves! (I love the scores, Canishoopus: A +) I would also say that one of my idols got me hooked on the NBA and this magnific sport as a kid, was a player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, he was the great Latrell Sprewell!

Greetings from Barcelona!

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