Turnovers, Missed Free Throws, and some player grades (scissors style)

First of all let me give a shout out to all the gals who put up with CHers. Especially Mrs. SnP, PD’s wife (for all she as to put up with), and of course Mrs. Running with Twolves (and scissors). With this condensed season (and hopefully playoffs) make sure you take some time away from CH and spend time with them. When you are lucky enough to go to a game with them treat them nicely, run an errand for them that day, give them hugs/flowers, don't gawk at the dancers, let her know that she is the most beautiful girl at the Target Center (even if JJ Barea's gal is present), and of course make sure they howl when the other team shoots free throws. I'll be handing out grades and commenting on the pack tonight. I'll also throw in some stuff about seeing the game in person. To the JUMP!!!!!!

This is the first game we went to this year. We wore jeans and T's (in case you were wondering Feral and CJ). I wore what I thought was my awesome shirt I got at the fair (and will never be worn again to a wolves game by me). My wife wore her lucky necklace, but not the same earrings she wore during our winning streak last season. Instead she wore beads made by the Zulu people of South Africa. This should be a good thing (the Zulu are a warlike people), but it had black beads which mean "I mourn because my lover has found another maiden." I don't think she was talking about Canis Hoopus, however anything having to do with mourning is not usually good.

Usually we take the lightrail in and eat before the game at Applebees, however now that it is closed we are looking for a new place to eat before the game any suggestions?

The atmosphere in the TC was electric. Just going to the game you could tell something was different. The place was packed (well relatively full but packed for a Wed night). The crowd had much to groan about during the first quarter (and towards the end). However, they were good sports and cheered loudly. B-Wright dos a great job going as the solo host. Crunch also continues to be a fantastic job. After some horrible officiating to start the game he had a little girl pose next to the refs during a timeout. Mrs. Scissors commented how it was adorable and hopefully he was buttering up the refs. For awhile it seemed to be the case. Target Center is excited and ready for some winning basketball, but would the wolves deliver?

Leading up the the game I was excited at the lightrail station I wanted to go around and ask all of the kids who their favorite players are. I was constantly looking to see if the train was coming (Mrs. Scissors did not appreciate this and said I might fall in front of a train to which I responded "But the other kids are looking for the trains). Mrs. Scissors also noticed the buzz. When we drove by an empty Choo Choo Bob's train Store, she said it was because everyone must already be at the Wolves' Game.

On the the Game!!!!! I did not read any recaps or listen to any broadcast so my opinions may be outside the norm. However, they are hopefully outside the influence as well (We'll see how it goes),

Officiating F An official's job is to be invisible and I saw way to many of them this game. Love drew a charge and then got called for very going for a rebound. Taking out our star player to do phony calls is not good. Also Luke Ridour committed a Flagrant Foul?!?!?!?! Have you met the man? He is a gentle fellow and there was nothing wrong with it. The replay made it look like it was closer to a clean steal than anything. Love got very few calls in his favor. Also at the end of the game the persecution of Luke continued when his brilliant missed free throw was called back.

Grizzles B- They won the game but it was ugly, they needed help from the Zebras and they were constantly squabbling amongst themselves. To their credit they did step up the D against us late in the game. These slow defensive teams are the ones that will probably give the wolves the most problems.

Adelman B I'm as big a RA fan as anyone and I love what he did. He is my favorite wolf and next game I plan on wearing a turtleneck and sport coat with Adelman on the back. He's sticking with the same starters and playing Wayne Ellington (JJ WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!). Mrs. Scissors said, "I don't know if these are the 5 guys that should be starting." The Defense was wonderful, the substitutions made sense, the play improved after timeouts, and the out of bounds plays were usually good for a shot. What more do you want from a coach? However, we lost the game so no A for you Rick.

Michael Beasley C (I apoligize I cannot seem to get the stats to post very well you can see them here)

5 Turnovers 2 missed free throws. Beas had some nice plays tonight and he played pretty good defense. However 5-16 shooting and all of those turnovers are pretty detrimental. I think he redeemed himself by diving after loose balls, rebounding, and staying engaged. One of the funniest thing about Beas is there is when he guards the inbounds pass there is always an argument. I don't know what they are arguing about but it's always funny.

Kevin Love B+ 3 turnovers 1 missed free throw

Did you enjoy watching that long stretch in the 1st quarter where Klove was sitting? No? I didn't think so. Pay the man and stop talking about trading KLove (Darth Paxton that means you). I want all the stupid "He can't create his own shot" crap to stop. He hit contested 3's and when we dumped it down to him in the post I was confident we would get a basket. He also showed a lot of leadership. He was constantly talking to other players, huddling them up, and giving encouragement. Adelman is lucky to have 2 extensions on the floor in Love and Rubio (aka Tentacle 1 and Tentacle 2).

Darko B 1 turnover 2 missed free throws

I liked what I saw for the most part tonight from Darko. He shut Gasol down defensively and rebounded quite well. Mrs. Scissors said, "It looks like he's starting to come out of his shell." (Does this mean that Adelman can assist with bird and reptile births as well?) However, offensively he was 1-6. He should also have dunked the ball a few times. However, the D and rebounding was good enough to get a B.

Wes D (no turnovers of missed free throws)

Wes you did not have a good game. I'm done talking about you.

Luke B 1 missed free throw (that I don't really count) and 2 turnovers

Luke went 4-10 for 13 points and a big three when we were down by 8 in the fourth. Right now he is the best shooting guard on the team. He drew some ooos from his fancy dribbling and passes (this is also known as the Rubio effect). He was able to create his own shot on a night when many of our guys could not. I thought he did a good job on Conley defensively.

Ricky Rubio B 2 missed free throws 4 turnovers

Rubio changes the game and that's awesome. The Rubio chants started by section 121 echoed throughout the arena. The oops and flashy passes were great and expected. The clutch three? That was pretty sweet. He forced some things that led to some turnovers. His missed free throws were badly needed. He had a good game but not a great game. He also got into Mike "my dad's my Agent" Conley's head. I think sports shrinks everywhere should start giving some of their check to Rubio for all the work he's doing to help them.

AT C- No missed free throws and 1 turnover

I love AT's game and his MVC blue collar attitude. However he flunked the final. Down by 2 he gets the ball in the corner for the 3 to take the lead he clutches the fans are about to get out of their seats and he.... dribbles into traffic Oh that isn't a good shot? He dribbles back to the corner. He passes an assist? Yes one for the grizzles. That was the most costly turnover of them all. I want to give you a good grade AT, but you can't pass the class without doing well on the final.

D Thrill C 1 missed free throw and no turnovers

Nice three. Nice dunk. As my body Oliver would say, "Please Sir I want some more." Derrick we want seconds don't deprive us like you have been.

Adolph C 2 missed free throws 1 turnover

I think we were all concerned about the situation where a dominant center gets the ball in the post with no help. Gasol was 0-2 in these situations with one assist. I was really happy with that D and a perfect shooting night. However, Adolph still proved to be a knuckle head when he didn't give the ball to Ricky on a fastbreak that became empty. There were some more lapses that I can't recall. He's getting better give adelman more time.

Wellington D no missed free throws or turnovers

Wayne you are a shooter and you shot poorly. Taking a contested long two while you look off an open teammate is never good. You seem to be taking lessons from the wrong teammates. Soon there will be DNPs next to your name in the box score. When you play like you did tonight that is what is supposed to happen. Also I saw a guy in an Ellington Jersey which is a great segway into the best Jersey I saw. Some dude with a fro in 121 was sporting the Fugly, Horawful, teal 00 Bibby Grizzles Jersey. Wow.

That adds up to 11 missed free throws and 17 turnovers. That's 11 points and 17 possessions we lost out on. We should have run these guys out of the gym, but turnovers, missed free throws, and horse crap officiating gave us a loss instead. The positive to take away is the crowded lightrail ride home. There's a buzz about this team. The Wolve's den is full again. We have some Alpha Dogs and a grizzled wolf who knows what he's doing. Watch out Western Conference, We're Coming!

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