Triple B's thoughts...

I wrote this in a thread but I would like to elaborate and maybe start some analysis of my own and improve my writing and thinking skills.

Im pretty sure...

The problem is… Some of our players arent just neutral contributors, but negative contributors.

Beasley- Has the "ability" to turn it on. Yet, his offensive strengths do not meld with out team. He is an ISO player. We are not an ISO team. His defense is good, as long as it isnt in transition or having any type of rotation. He turns the ball over alot. I have also noticed, he turns it over more when he tries to start passing, because he makes really bad passes. In conclusion, he plays alot like I do(which isnt good). He takes the ball, and drives with no purpose, then he tries to find a man to pass to after he started driving with no one in mind before hand. It makes bad passes. Last year Beasley made more sense. In the offense that Rambis ran Beasley could help out by doing ISO plays and being a facilitator. As we make our way into the offense of the unicorn, Beasley becomes useless. He isnt very good off the ball and his ISO scoring is low effiency when you have better options on this team.

Wes- No explanation needed. He cant shoot, or chooses not to shoot wide open looks. He turns the ball over. For a 6’ 8" SG he really doesnt rebound at all, in fact I have seen Rubio rebound with much better passion and consistency.

Wayne- Sharpshooter? No. Low efficiency scoring machine is more like it. Think Marshon Brooks, but not even close to as good. Which is sad, cause they were drafted in the same part of the draft, and Brooks is a rookie and Ellington is a 3rd year player. Oh, and just like Wes and Beas, Wayne cant handle the ball and likes to turn it over.

Ridnour- He is night and day. When he runs the PnR well he is one of the best players on the wolves. He plays solid D, shoots lights out when open and can even share the ball well. Sometimes I think he loses trust in the team and plays alot of ISO or pass into the post and stand around. I like Ridnour. He doesnt turnover the ball too much and doesnt piss me off as much as the rest of the players.

Darko- If he can play D and get more aggressive on Offense then I will like him. Let me define aggressive. I dont mean taking more shots. I mean taking less. But, when he is taking shots I want to see a drive or a dunk or both. Last night he did hit the hook shot which helped but he really went at the basket 3 other times for layups. I liked it. He went by his man. It was fun to watch that aggression.

AR15- He really needs to step up. His skills are good and fit in well with the offense. He has shown the ability to cut well. He can get low in the post and provide a mismatch with his driving ability vs bigs. Last night he made a good play at the baseline and drove past his man with a good move. It was in the flow of the offense and looked pretty. He plays good defense when he is motivated.

Those are my thoughts. With them and two dollars you can get a cup of coffee.

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