From 1 to 35,535: A Jobs on Macs OR Stifler's Brother

Make no bones about it, I am typically Minnesotan in my love for hometown athletes and want nothing more than for them to play for our pro teams. Herbie and Mauer as Twins lifers - perfect. Neal Broten and others for the North Stars and Wild. Umm, somebody for the Vikings?

The Timberwolves have had a few players who went to high school and/or college here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Unfortunately, there is not a Maueresque superstar among them.

The next guy on our list (of Wolves by minutes played), landing at 17th fewest, is One of Us (gooble gobble, gooble gopher). And while he may not literally be Stifler's* brother, he did go to high school with actor Seann William Scott.

*Seems to me it should be spelled "Stiffler" but I looked it up: "Stifler" is the official spelling. I am really mifed at this lack of respect for English pronunciation rules, but agree that "Stifler's mother" sounds funier with a short "i" sound.

How many Gophers does it take to screw in a light bulb? I don't know, but after the jump I will tell you how many U of M alumni have played for the Wolves. How many can you remember?

Seven Gophers have also been Timberwolves:

  1. Quincy Lewis
  2. Richard Coffey
  3. Randy Breuer
  4. Bobby Jackson
  5. Sam Jacobson
  6. John Thomas
  7. Trevor Winter
It's a shame Jim Peterson never got to suit up for us, but coaching for the Lynx is pretty nice.
Sam Jacobson is the fellow who went to high school with Sean William Scott (and whose name is an anagram for "A Jobs on Macs). He was a key part of the thrilling, if scandalized, MN team that had a great March Madness run, along with Bobby Jackson. Unlike Bobby, Sam was unable to make a career of it in the NBA.
Drafted near the end of the first round by the former Minnesota Lakers, Sam only played in 5 games for LA before ending up with the Warriors during his second season. There he played 49 games. His third, and final, season was played for MN, where he appeared in 14 games for a total of 59 minutes. What's he doing now? Not sure. Anyone?
Three of the four guys below ended up on the Wolves, eventually. Not Miles Tarver.
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