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Pekovic destroys everything. Bad foul calls included.

So was that supposed to be a basketball game? What are we even dealing with here? Shakespeare in the park?

Tonight the Wolves engaged in a full-on clank-fest, complete with a boatload of turnovers and an even bigger boatload of fouls calls. Only one force allowed the Pups to prevail in this one: the Peksecutioner.

Well, and some clutch play by Alexey Shved (Sved? Shed? Sheeved....? C'mon, if you're gonna be on TV, get the name right guys)

  • Pekovic: 16 points, 17 rebounds, 1 dead Carlos Boozer. May his $15 million contract rest in peace.
  • Speaking of which, the Bulls should just bite the bullet and amnesty Boozer already. Criminy, the guy's like an 87.394% liability.
  • Bulls 36% shooting. Wolves, 32%. Eeep.
  • Also, 21 combined assists, 41 combined turnovers. Eeep x2
  • I saw 22 more minutes of Amundson. Which is another 21 1/2 minutes of wanting Tolliver back (Lou had a pretty sweet play late in the game. I'll give him 30 seconds for it)
  • Brandon Roy looked more mobile than I've seen him since 2009. If only I had 100% confidence that's going to last the whole season
  • Timberwolves. Make your freakin' free throws.
  • Alexey Shved started cold, but came up aces at the end. Tonight we saw the kind of Paul/Harden/Ginobili flashes that get me excited about the guy's future. He played with a sheer physical confidence at the end, the kind of stuff the Wolves haven't had since Sam Cassell.
  • Shved also showed some true Corey Brewer moments (of a sort) Alexey is a master at losing defenders in space, but sometimes he goes into space cadet mode himself once he's free. Alexey in Space. Might make for a fun new drinking game.
  • Nate Robinson being coached by Thibs. Oh man...this could be almost as entertaining as Monta Ellis being coached by Scott Skiles.
  • Stiemsma played 3 minutes, picked up 3 fouls and a technical and did basically nothing else. Smaller, quicker face-up guys like Noah perplex him. I kinda think he's going to be a Kendrick Perkins kind of guy....great in some situations, terrible in others. No gray room in the middle.
  • Dante Cunningham is awesome. The end.
  • Derrick Williams was.....yeah.....yeah......
  • Yeah......

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