From 1 to 35,535: Wily Quinces OR a TimberGoph

If a timber wolf could mate with a gopher, what would the result look like? We'll have to leave that up to E-6's imagination, as such sexual congress has never occurred, due to a rather large discrepancy in the size of the "naughty bits," among other factors. But in the world of sports, to mix metaphors, just as a caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly, a tadpole to a frog, it is indeed possible for a Gopher to become a Timberwolf. As I noted in the previous post - the one about Sam Jacobson - such a transformation has taken place seven times.

The subject of this post is one of the TimberGoph 7. His name is an anagram for "Wily Quinces." If you can't decipher this as Quincy Lewis, then you have missed what is likely the easiest anagram that will ever grace this series of posts.


Do you know how many anagrams there are for Quincy Lewis, according to Nine. And virtually all of them stink. Here they are:

Cliques Winy
Cliquey Wins
Quinces Wily
Clues Winy Qi
Clew I Quinsy
Clew Yin Qi Us
Sec Wily Qi Nu
Cue Win Qi Sly
Icy Slew Qi Nu

After the jump, a quick review of Quincy's career.

Quincy Lewis currently works for the Golden Gopher Fund and is working on a post graduate degree at the U. I emailed him with a request for a short interview, but having heard nothing back I decided not to wait any longer and thus this post.


Q went to the Final Four with the U of MN in the post season that never officially happened. In his senior year he lead the Big 10 in scoring. The Jazz chose him at # 19 in the 1999 draft, but after three seasons in Utah, he was no longer wanted there. He was picked up by the Wolves and played a total of 65 minutes in 2003-04. But between these two NBA stops, where did Q play? That's right, Maccabi Tel Aviv, not to be confused with the team the Wolves beat tonight, Maccabi Haifa, also part of the Israeli Basketball Super League.

After his stint with the T'Wolves, Q played in Greece and Spain before returning to academia.

There were a couple of interesting Sam Jacobson stories in the comments last post; any good Q tales?

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