Contract Updates

The preseason has given us an opportunity to see the potential impact of the new Timberwolves. As more contract details are starting to be available, it is a good time to take a look at the fine-print of this summer's deals before the actual season starts and we shift into 20/20 hindsight mode.

Andrei Kirilenko

2012: $9,779,349

2013: $10,219,420

Notes: Second year is a player option

It seems like this is a good value contract in the ballpark of what Kirilenko is worth. The second year being a player option instead of a team option makes me a little nervous. I don't think Kirilenko would get much more than $10,000,000 a year on the open market next summer, but there is the chance he will want to opt out and hope for a Gerald Wallace type contact (4 years/$40 million) before he gets another year older.

Brandon Roy

2012: $5,100,000

2013: $5,329,500

Notes: Contract is guaranteed for both seasons. Second season becomes unguaranteed if he re-injures a previous physical condition. However, even if he re-injures his knee, the second year will still be guaranteed if he is on the active list for 65 games during 2012-2013 season or plays at least 1,400 minutes during 2012-2013 season.

I expected there to be more protections on the second year of the contract. Roy has looked like an upgrade during the pre-season, but the lingering doubts about his health are very real. I guess the upside is that if this does not work out, it is still only a two year deal. Theoretically, his contract next year will be an expiring deal that could be utilized in a trade.

Alexey Shved

2012: $2,934,610

2013: $3,066,667

2014: $3,198,723

Notes: All three years guaranteed. He was signed through the non-taxpayer mid-level exception

This seems like a good value deal in regards to salary and length. 3 years/ 9milion is better than our previous standard Khantracts (4/16mil). He Shved lives up to the hope he has generated during the pre-season, this will be an excellent contract. If he struggles to get playing time or takes longer to develop, this deal still seems very reasonable.

Greg Stiemsma

2012: $2,575,000

2013: $2,690,875

Notes: 2013 is unguaranteed, becomes guaranteed if not waived by July 17, 2013. He was signed through the post-cap room mid-level exception.

I love that the second year is completely unguaranteed. Stiemsma may a critical back-up to Pek or he may only see playing time based upon matchups. The second year flexibility will be key for the team as we have to make decisions about Pek and Budinger (and potentially Kirilenko) next summer.

Dante Cunningham

2012: $2,090,000

2013: $2,180,000

Notes: 2013 salary is a team option.

While Dante was obtained via trade, I thought it prudent to discuss his salary, especially in light of the on-court value he has shown this pre-season. The second year option is very reasonable and it seems very likely he would be picked up next year if he keeps exhibiting the defense and hustle so greatly needed on this team. The second year option will be another factor that plays out in the Caged Lion saga.

Will Conroy

2012: $854,389

Notes: $100,000 is guaranteed, no guaranteed date

Regardless of how the Conroy and Roy signings were or were not tied together, this is a very reasonable guarantee amount. In all likelihood, Conroy will make the squad as our 15th player and serve as the 3rd point guard until Rubio returns. By that point, he will have earned his $100,000 and the Wolves have flexibility to cut him if they need back-up help at other positions because of in-season injuries.

I have found to have the most accurate salary information in past years, and that is where this salary information was compiled from.

One last overall thought . . . it is interesting how much the team has moved away from the Darko, Ridnour, Barea Khantracts and have embraced shorter contract lengths. With Love's signing to the shorter deal and then this off season signings, it seems this contract flexibility approach is clearly intentional. Of the new signings, the team is only on the hook for guaranteed years or 1,2,3,1, and 1/10th of a season.

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